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Each moment, we receive a gift:  a chance to be mindfully present—to witness what's happening within, and to breathe (if we feel intense emotion, we can do this until the intense emotion passes).  This can bring an inner calm that allows us to truly thrive...



After the editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology (more here and here) revealed why we should eat plant-based, I listened.  The Permanente Journal, Midland Memorial Hospital, Montefiore Health, Highland Hospital, and many more, like Dr. Greger @ NutritionFacts.org, steadily remind us.  Nutrition science even motivated me to earn a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.  These resources generate the motivation I need to listen to, and follow, MD advice...



I spent 45 years with allergic, anaphylactic, autoimmune, neurological, gastrointestinal, and more lovely health challenges before I was sent in for an upper endoscopy celiac test.  Funny, I didn't believe it necessary, though, as five years earlier I'd already cut gluten from my diet.  Or so I thought.  The gastroenterologist said he could see that I had celiac disease, I was still getting gluten into my body, I needed to figure out where it was coming from, and it needed to stop.  I hope these tools help others, too.


My luggage carries everything I own (since I no longer have a home, auto, or storage units), so I want to truly love each item I carry.  I pack for all four seasons and their activities, a variety of lodging, and toss in plant-based and gluten-free products.  Striving to venture as comfortably and simply as possible, the travel gear and resources below make this possible: