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Full-Time Travel (as a child)

  • how full-time travel changes a child

  • what it’s like for a child to return from full-time travel

  • how that full-time travel impacted how that child grew up

Full-Time Travel (as an adult)

  • the preparation

  • the cost

  • the reality

Scandinavian and European Travel

  • Sweden

  • Finland

  • Denmark

  • UK

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • and more…

Traveling Interior Canada and Alaska

  • driving interior BC

  • driving the Alaska-Canadian/Alcan highway

  • sailing the Alaska Marine Highway (Alaska State Ferry)

Traveling North America

  • by RV

  • by auto

  • by plane

Back-Country Alpine Hiking/Skiing

  • gear

  • ease

  • precautions

Sailing (and Racing Sailboats)

  • working for the America’s Cup

  • the islands of western Canada

  • the San Juan Islands of Washington state

  • the Salish Sea

  • the Puget Sound

  • to Hawaii

  • in Australia

Business Travel

  • for the America’s Cup

  • producing national events for the tech industry

Traveling with Food and Health Challenges

  • allergies

  • anaphylactic reactions

  • anxiety

  • asthma

  • autoimmune diseases

  • celiac disease

  • PTSD

  • trauma

What it’s Like to Live…

  • on a boat

  • on an island

  • in an eco cabin

  • on a private estate

  • in Airbnb’s

  • as a house sitter

  • in a mountain ski resort town (summer and winter)

Genealogy Travel

  • DNA reports

  • Europe’s church records

  • LDS records

  • family records

  • oral history