Finding Outdoor Shoes and Gear in Stockholm, Sweden

Finding Outdoor Shoes and Gear in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

While spending a month in Stockholm—surviving an unprecedented and surprise heatwave—my lightweight, breathable (soft mesh) shoes were quickly no longer endurable.  My toes refused to be enclosed any longer (I was dying from the nearly 90-degree heat).

I needed a quick, guaranteed solution (I also needed one pair of shoes to tackle multiple chores).  I knew the sandals I've loved the most, Chaco's, could rescue me...

  • Chaco's can handle sidewalks and hiking trails

  • their thin double straps have a feminine look

  • the right style/color is adorable with shorts, pants, skirts, or dresses

  • Chaco's makes vegan-friendly sandals

  • I can clean them in a front loading washer!

Thankfully, after a lengthy internet search, I found Naturkompaniet—a beautiful store catering to Sweden's passion for the outdoors and for ekologisk responsibility.  They're like a cute little REI.

Naturkompaniet was also, literally, the only store in Stockholm that had any Chaco sandals (and just a few were left)!


Finding Outdoor Shoes and Gear in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

One size smaller than I normally wear, they have served well.


Travel TIPs:


  • Even if one diligently checks weather reports (up until the day before travel), the weather can change entirely.  For instance, weather reports said our entire month in Stockholm was to be in the 60s, a few days in the low 70s, with some wind and clouds (partly why I’d not yet purchased a new pair of Chaco's after my old pair wore out).  But the expected weather clearly did not happen.


  • If one avoids wearing sandals because one doesn't want to have dirty feet at the end of each day, a quick fix is to wash the tootsies upon returning home each evening. I slip into my house slippers/shower shoes and give my feet a quick wash.


  • It's wise to call a store first, to verify a product is in stock, to avoid having to walk a really long way to the store...twice. Yes, I forgot this vital step!

How has this helped you? If you feel comfy sharing in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts. XO