Traveling with Nutritional Yeast—or Not?

Traveling with Nutritional Yeast—or Not? |

Traveling with Nutritional Yeast is a Must for Some

I was first drawn to nutritional yeast when I learned how important it was to find a healthy source of vitamin B12.  I enjoyed sprinkling it on all kinds of food.

Its slightly cheesy flavor made me happy, as long as I didn't consume too much.


I Wasn't Sure What it was About Nutritional Yeast that Didn't Feel Quite Right

But if I ate too much, there was something...not right.  So I slowly moved away from it.

Then, this winter, I was so sick with colds and flu.  Around that time, I'd read how nutritional yeast appears to help some prevent the common cold...though with issues to consider.

I bought some nutritional yeast anyway.  Just my luck, I had an anaphylactic reaction after eating a heavier than normal sprinkling.

I then read why nutritional yeast might not be healthy for everyone.  While I don't have Crohn's, or Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I do have autoimmune diseases and related intestinal issues.  So it makes one think.


So What Do I Do with That Pretty Travel Container of Nutritional Yeast in the Photo Above?

Wistfully, it's time to #lightentheload.

It would be so special to hear your comments—about your experiences—so we can learn from each other.  XO