Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

While in Seattle, we were so excited to hop into an Uber yesterday morning and head over to Seattle VegFest 2019. The spring sunshiny weather was absolutely stunning and Seattle’s VegFest was just as impressive.

We paid $12/person at the door, visited every booth in the packed exhibition hall, ate every single gluten-free and vegan sample we could get our hands on, and just when we thought our two hour veggie lunch was over, we looked at the clock and saw that we had actually spent nearly SIX hours at this event!

First, I want to share that we had such fun talking with Mama In the Raw (above) as she expertly manned the Urban Greens Juice Bar booth.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

She gave us juice samplings as well as a taste of her Cookie Dough bar. They were delish.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

We are so grateful to know now that Urban Greens and Mama In the Raw exist. She was such a dear.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

And I want to tell you about this dear QuiCurry entrepreneur, who has worked so hard to create this brand new masala curry mix, which can help support a healthier world. She is the kindest soul.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

A versatile product, plant-based cooks can use water (no oil) and add plant-based food ingredients (no animal). It’s understandable that this versatile product is not yet certified GF, but give it time! XO

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

Nomad Food Co blew us away with their Cilantro + Lime Hummus and their Baba Ghanouj Hummus. And if you can believe it, there was no added oil. We could have eaten their samples all day long (and we hope they didn’t notice that we went back for seconds, possibly thirds). We can’t wait for the day when all ingredients, everywhere, are certified organic and when plastic is no longer used for packaging, but we know this is a process and we’re grateful this family business uses reusable packaging (not single-use).

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

It was such a delight to discover that the men manning the Celest Cafe booth personally understood celiac disease and are providing a healthy menu that can feed just about any body. Theirs is a 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen, they use 100% organic produce, they make 100% plant-based food which is also soy-free. When you see this much enthusiasm and kindness from others, you want to find ways to support them. Luckily, a certain someone has an important reason to head up to their cafe.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

Where do I start with the TOCHA tea booth? We learned that these sweet souls use certified organic ingredients, biodegradable/recyclable packaging, and support clean water projects that help prevent children from dying. This means no mysterious “natural flavorings” in their product. As someone who reacts allergically to mysterious ingredients, it was wonderful to learn about their organic tea.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

A certain someone also tasted Blue Lotus Chai, as chai is one of his favorite beverages. And he loved it. Every single flavor he tasted. Most importantly, Blue Lotus Chai is organic and Blue Lotus Chai can be purchased in reusable tins. Meaning, there is no sachet involved in Blue Lotus Chai. Just a little scoop of powder to mix with hot water. It doesn’t get any easier or any more ecological than that.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

We were so happy to see the delicious Crofter’s Organic gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free fruit spread in glass jars. Yes, it’s organic. It’s gluten-free. It’s vegan. And it’s sugar-free! If grocers do not yet have this, I would immediately request it. (They also have spreads with sugar, so one must ask for their sugar-free organic spread).

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

We also learned about Namaste Foods’ gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free Egg Replacer (for those who don’t like working with flax eggs), Pizza Crust Mix, and Macaroni and Cheez. A certain someone has a parent who loves to cook and bake with healthy ingredients, too, so we’re super excited to get these to her test kitchen, so we can see what kind of magic these whip up.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

There are terrific plant-based recipes that call for just a tad maple syrup as a sweetener. So it was great to see these glass bottles and learn about Maple Valley Cooperative’s 100% organic maple syrup and the new maple syrup grading system.

Seattle VegFest 2019: The Food |

We also bumped into Seattle Elderberry’s Organic Elderberry Syrup with Maple. And they’re also packaged in glass bottles! While I don’t have any experience at all using elderberry syrup, now I want to check this out.

Event TIPs:

  • This was a special day for us, we really looked forward to spending time at Seattle’s VegFest, so we carefully researched this event before attending.

  • We arrived one hour after doors opened, which meant…

    • the ticket line was able to dissipate before we arrived, so we didn’t have to wait in line

    • this event was already packed upon our arrival (and the crowd never diminished, confirming the importance of arriving early in the day)

    • we enjoyed generous samples and coupons (before the steady crowd caused the samples to shrink a little bit later in the day)

    • we had time to make one round to every single booth

  • About 95% of the products were presented as vegan (but not necessarily certified).

  • About 95% of the products were presented as gluten-free (but not necessarily certified).

  • We know sugar and miscellaneous other ingredients not considered vegan (nor plant-based) might be found in products, but we saw so much progress on this front that we found this entire event worth celebrating.

And There Were Some Mindful Moments:

  • When someone kept hitting me with a huge backpack, I kept breathing, which helped me calmly leave the area, then come back after they’d left. This allowed me to forget about my frustration (and it stopped me from sharing my frustration with my certain someone).

  • When I realized I’d accidentally eaten dairy at a booth with vegan products, I kept breathing, which allowed me to forget about my frustration (even though I’d been upset that I’d let my guard down and eaten what causes me so many health problems).

  • When a booth rep promoted their own paleo + keto diet with arrogance and domination, I kept breathing, which kept me peaceful (so calm I forgot to inform Seattle VegFest). This also provided the opportunity to see how arrogance and domination can continue…or not.

I am so grateful to grow through the practice of mindfulness.

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