Preparing to Sail and Fly Overseas

Preparing to Sail and Fly Overseas |

We weren’t sure the timing would work out, but we feel so lucky it did: In thirty days, we’ll sail a certain someone’s boat to dry storage, then fly overseas for extended time. Needless to say, we need to prepare by immediately doing the following…

Get the boat ready for dry storage:

  • gather all boat paperwork

  • sign a lease at the dry dock marina

  • reserve crane time

  • pay in advance

  • set up long-term autopay

  • give notice to the moorage marina

  • renew boat registration with the State

  • renew boat registration with the USCG

  • complete engine maintenance

Purchase supplies still needed:

  • order enough of the following to have one small bottle of each, filled to the brim…

  • buy 6 little containers of Tea Tree Wipes (prevents/relieves my rosacea and it’s not found overseas) and compact them down into 4 of their own containers

  • buy lip goo

  • buy 3 boxes (to organize things on the boat)

Preparing to Sail and Fly Overseas |

Take care of health care:

  • make a certain someone’s medical appointments (annual exam, eye exam)

  • finish going to my medical appointments (already scheduled)

  • decide on my long-term medical insurance plan

  • purchase long-term travel insurance

  • update a certain someone’s medical insurance (to be effective July 1)

Take care of personal care:

Manage the luggage that exploded:

Preparing to Sail and Fly Overseas |

Organize the portable office:

  • sort, scan, upload to the cloud, then shred important paperwork

  • transfer files from the old memory stick up to the cloud

  • transfer files from the old cell phones up to the cloud

  • transfer files from the old computer up to the cloud

Banking and bills:

  • inform all banks of travel updates

  • inform all credit card companies of travel updates

  • set up auto pay for that one last account

Final activities:

  • wash down boat

  • sail boat to dry dock marina

  • haul boat out

  • pressure wash boat

  • finish final boat work

  • head to Airbnb

  • do a final luggage pack and check (more on this later)

  • take photos of everything inside/outside the luggage (more on this later)

  • email updated photos of wallets/IDs/travel docs to self (they also auto backup to cloud)

  • check mail

  • pick up final packages

  • visit with loved ones

  • shuttle to the airport

  • breathe

Preparing to Sail and Fly Overseas |

Mindful Moment:

Do you see that sweet face? He recently appeared at a slip nearby (and I’ll truly miss him). He’s a good pup who gets a little excited, barking at those who pass by. But if I pop my head above deck, look over at him and soothe him with a loving tone, he looks at me like a little heart as he melts into a puddle of drool, turns in circles, lays down, then drifts into dreamland. He’s the lesson that’s so important: talk lovingly to soothe one another (all creatures deserve it).

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