Preparing for a Birthday (by Finding Gratitude)

Preparing for a Birthday (by Finding Gratitude) |

I'm in Stockholm

Nearly a year ago, I was stunned to realize that I was officially living the very last year of my forties (especially since I somehow still think I'm in my thirties).

I wasn't sure what to do.

Having always wished I'd spent summers in Sweden, it was now vividly clear to me that simply wishing for this had not made it happen.  And clearly, there was no more life to waste.

So I immediately booked a flat for my birthday month.  I'm not normally so committed so far in advance.  But this, I knew, needed to happen.


Inhaling Every Last Morsel

I'm watching the midnight sun glow in the 11:06 pm (23:06) sky from an attic rooftop while doing what I love to do before every birthday:  find gratitude...while inhaling every last morsel of the year that has been.

Because instead of feeling disbelief that time will not stand still (how is it possible that I could ever be this age?), I know I should instead feel grateful to exist.


And I'm So Very Grateful For...

  • being born into this absolute wonder

  • understanding how some struggles exist

  • protecting ourselves with love

  • kindness

  • meaningful connection

  • and, of course, loved ones

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