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Rick Steves at Rick Steves' Travel Festival |

Last month, we had so much fun at Rick Steves' 2017 European Travels Report that, this month, we went to Rick Steves' Travel Festival.

Packing Light and Right

One of the talented presenters at this event was Sarah Murdoch, a Rick Steves' tour guide.  She also authors Adventures with Sarah.

Sarah shared her preferences for packing light and right.  Strong and confident, I can understand why, as a tour guide, she would need everyone on her tour to pack only one bag and for that bag to be a carry-on.

I can only imagine what Sarah might have to go through if just one person on her tour were to have their bag lost by an airline.  It would likely cause her tour to be delayed in more than one way.

If I were to take a group tour, or be on the move every few days to a new location, I'd definitely follow Sarah's advice and keep my bag as little and light as they come.

Take a look at what's in Sarah's bag.

Sarah says Rick Steves' bag is even lighter.

Sarah Murdoch of Adventures with Sarah |

Traveling with a Mobile Device

The kind Kevin Williams also taught the audience a thing or two about how to travel internationally with a mobile device.  He generously walked everyone, very slowly, through the basic knowledge one needs to grasp in order to avoid hefty international charges.

We were some of the youngest in the audience and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I appreciated this slow walk through technology, because there is always something new to learn.

Here are more of Kevin's helpful travel tips on phones and technology.


For as much time as I've spent in Europe, I've neglected France.  Except for that one day my dad drove us through the French countryside, with a brief stop in Paris.

So, at the Rick Steves' Travel Festival, we attended the two-hour presentation on France.

Let's just say that I now think it would be important to spend a month in Paris and another month on the French Riviera.

There Was So Much More

There were so many more presentations at this event.  Each presentation was 1-2 hours in length and it was a fantastic way to spend a rainy Saturday. Here's a brief run-down of the travel topics covered in just one day...

—Europe Travel Skills

—Packing Light and Right



—Germany, Austria and Switzerland

—Ireland and Scotland


—Croatia and Slovenia


—Traveling with a Mobile Device


—Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary

I typically feel so solid about handling things independently that, until this last month, I've never attended events like this.  However, that mindset can also make things a tad difficult on oneself (after all, one can't always do or remember everything, all on their own).  So, how lovely to soak up experiences from others who love to do what you love to do.

And did I mention that this is just one of many free Rick Steves events?

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