Virtual Private Network (VPN)

I initially wanted to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service just for those times when I might use Wi-Fi in public.  As I wanted to ensure I was protecting my data—location, financial info, health info, online purchases, etc.—while traveling.

This is because I've previously received that call from my credit card company, alerting me to the fact that someone else was using my account.  So I want to be as protected as possible.

However, it now appears countries like the USA and Australia are allowing private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collect and sell our...

name to others

age to others

location to others

—shopping records to others

private data to others

—browsing history to others


So I purchased a VPN service to use no matter where or how I connect to the internet.  Meaning, I want to use a VPN to create a secure encryption to protect me from all of the above—so the only thing an ISP can see is that I'm connected to a VPN.



I've found it important that a VPN provide me with the following...

military-grade security that strongly encrypts Internet traffic

reroutes Internet traffic through remote server (hides ones identity)

replaces IP address (hides ones identity)

does not keep user activity logs

no bandwidth limits

—works in multiple countries

—makes one appear elsewhere, to access banned sites in certain countries (social media sites that are banned in China)

—makes one appear elsewhere, to save on flight fare (look up airfare while appearing to be from different countries to verify best rate)

direct, hassle-free access to streaming websites

—connects multiple devices to one VPN account

secures the router with one slot, protecting all devices on the network

24/7 support agents

automatic shut down of sites/software if connection drops

double VPN encryption


The only CHALLENGES so far...

one more account to remember (but I think it's an important one)

—when I'm working on an older computer with a slower connection, I think the VPN appears to slow it down a bit more

—there's a website that appears to not want to be accessed through the VPN, so I disconnect the VPN for that site

Please know that some resources below pay commission to OMventure, if purchases are made through these links.


I like the VPN company below due to how they support Internet protection and for the values upon which they founded their company.  I also like them because PCMag, Cnet, and testing authorities BestVPN and VPNMentor give them the highest 2017 scores and awards.  Yet, it's very important to carefully read all product and service details to determine what's right for one's own situation, to be sure you are taking good care of you.