TRAVEL kitchen:

Below are the items that make up my travel kitchen (but they won't all necessarily join me on every trip).  I use, adore, and update these as necessary, so please check back for any changes.  XO

Spork | Toaks Titanium

I'm always proclaiming that this is the only eating utensil that need exist.  Its weight, dimensions, and finish, are perfectly balanced.  No other spork I've tried has come close.  It's truly my only eating utensil.

Paring Knife | with Sheath

This paring knife is so large and sharp that it helps me more like a chef's knife, so it's the only knife I carry.  It easily cuts fruit, nuts, squash, etc.

Box Appetit | Lunchbox + Travel Cutting Board

I fell in love with this.  It's a beautiful lunchbox and my cutting board (which I use daily).  When I'm not carrying food in it, I store my travel kitchen inside it.  It's delish.

Nesting Bento Boxes | aka Travel Food Storage

These are the first truly nesting bento boxes I've found (they're so deep, that when lids are on, they can all nest to become one container).  They're terrific for storing fresh meals and dry pantry goods while on the road.

Tiny Travel Can Opener | Leaves No Sharp Edges

We once only had two options for a travel can opener:  an exposed blade that could cut your finger off, or a household can opener too heavy to lug around.  Now there's this.  It doesn't hurt my hand while twisting.  It leaves no sharp edges behind.  It's tiny, but still big enough to feel comfortable.  I find it a must have on road trips, in hotels, Airbnbs, boats...everywhere.

Cup + Pot + Bowl | to Drink, Cook, or Carry Food

This lightweight cup/pot/bowl does it all.  It's an invaluable little mixing bowl, can cook a meal, plus store food in the fridge/freezer.  It can be tossed in the daypack with a meal inside, and later be used to drink water.  The handle makes it possible to hook it from your pack.

Water Purifier | SteriPen Ultra UV Water Purifier

I don't mess around with water because I drink a lot of it and I've been far too sick from bad water.  I'm excited about this SteriPen Ultra UV Water Purifier because it's much smaller than my old manual water filter, so it can easily go everywhere with me.

Immersion Heater | for Hot Water Nearly Anywhere

One of the easiest ways to enjoy quick/economical nourishment (and to warm/wake oneself up), is by heating water for tea, coffee, hot cereal, broth, etc.  Since lodging facilities do not always have a burner or coffee pot on hand, and since I don't want to have to always head out somewhere to eat, I find it invaluable to carry an immersion heater.

Matcha | Tea*

I'm in love with matcha tea.  But it isn't always easy to find pure organic Japanese matcha tea that's tested to be safe from radiation.  Tossing one of these into the luggage provides a supply that can last a few weeks.

*Is matcha tea one of the healthiest teas?

Matcha Tea Utensils | Scoop, Teaspoon, Whisk

Ground matcha tea leaves need to be whipped (or shaken, if you toss them into a water bottle) to enjoy frothy, lump-free tea.  This set is the only one I've seen that is not packaged in plastic, which makes me happy.

Shaker | for Nutritional Yeast*

If you're someone who can eat nutritional yeast, you know these cheesy-like flakes are not always available on store shelves.  Fortunately, this shaker allows me to pack nutritional yeast in my luggage.

*Should some people not eat nutritional yeast?

Small Pan | for Cooking on All Heating Surfaces

Not all Airbnbs have adequate or healthy (non-toxic) cookware.  Calphalon is amazing to cook on, and to clean up, (but much heavier than camping pans!), so I'm okay tossing this small-handled pan in the bag.

Mini Spatula | Silicone

OXO Good Grips makes what has been the perfect mini travel spatula.  It's small (short handle), yet the thin and flexible spatula surface is large, making it so easy for both cooking and serving up food.

Mini Tongs | Silicone

These are small, lightweight, with a ring that holds them closed when they're not in use.  They're so helpful when needing to pluck food from a pan or an oven rack.  These are easy to clean and a fun treat to have on hand.  These arrive in multiples, which provides stocking stuffers to gift!

Small Spice Kit | Magnetic

Standard glass jars of organic herbs and spices are too bulky/heavy to pack, but I do want some of my favorites with me.  These spice jars hold 1/3 to 1/2 of a standard spice jar and I love being able to see-through the top.