TRAVEL electronics:

Below are my essential travel electronics.  While I secretly wish I never needed electronics, they are necessary.  So my goal is to definitely keep them to as few as possible. XO

Google Fi International Smartphone

I'm about to adopt a Google fi phone into my life: an affordable, seamless inter/national plan with quality camera. More details soon.

VPN | Virtual Private Network

I have NordVPN to keep my internet connection safe, no matter where I'm located.  Here is my NordVPN feedback and checklist.

"Compact" Digital SLR Mirrorless Camera | Canon M100 with "Compact" 15-45mm and 55-200mm Lenses

I call this a "compact" digital SLR mirrorless camera with "compact" lenses because these are smaller than typical digital SLR cameras and lenses, yet the same quality.  And I wouldn't have it any other way, because, until now, I've used my cell phone camera to take photos for my blog, as I didn't want to buy another camera until I could find one that was small enough and light enough to want to carry it.  This is it.

Small Laptop | Lenovo Yoga

While I wish it were not true, there are things I must do that can only be done on a laptop.  This Lenovo Yoga is as small as I could go, and it has a style I would not want to give up.  It fits in my Pacsafe, flips and folds in various directions, and has served me well.

Micro/SD Card Holder | Holds 8 of Each Card Size

This small water resistant and well-padded case holds 8 SIM cards and 8 SD cards.  It allows me to keep mine in my bag and go, without worry.

SD Cards | SanDisk

I use these SD cards in my camera (I had to first make sure they were exactly what the camera called for).  I love that this link sells two to four cards for the price of one.  I almost always download images each evening to my laptop, plus upload them to the cloud (then delete them from the card) and reuse.

Surge Protector Power Strip | with 5' Extension Cord

I love this minimal and lightweight 5 foot extension cord and surge protected power strip.  It allows me to plug it into challenging locations (like behind a sofa), then bring it up onto a counter, where I can keep all charging items within easy reach, organized, and clean/off the floor.  The cord is super thin, and the plug folds over, making it easy to wrap around the strip itself.

Skross World Travel Adapter

Sturdy.  Strong.  Solidly connects without sagging.  Compatible in 150 countries, and so much easier for me to use than carrying around multiple adaptors for multiple countries.