TRAVEL electronics:

Below are my essential travel electronics.  I use, adore, and update these as necessary, so please check back for any changes.  XO

SIM Card* | Coverage in Multiple Countries

The option of ordering a SIM card before departure—to ensure it fits and is working upon landing—is essential to me.  Because I need to use my smartphone for just about everything (to pull up reservations, find my way, call transportation, etc).  I love that this card works in multiple countries, so I don't have to remember to buy country-specific SIM cards upon entry to each country.

*A Traveler's Guide to Taking a Smartphone Abroad

International Smartphone | Unlocked, Dual SIM

I've adored my unlocked dual SIM international smartphone.  It's near time to replace it, so I'll soon be searching through this link above, to find a new one.  For me, the most important qualities (besides it having a great camera!) are that it be unlocked and dual SIM.  This allows me to use an economical unlimited monthly plan in the states, never remove that SIM card, plus add a second SIM card for overseas use.  For me, this keeps things simple and streamlined.

VPN | Virtual Private Network

NordVPN keeps my internet connection safe, no matter where I'm located.  Check out my in-depth feedback and checklist here.

Compact Digital SLR Mirrorless Camera | Canon M100 with Compact 15-45mm and 55-200mm Lenses

I call this a compact digital SLR mirrorless camera with compact lenses because these are smaller than typical digital SLR cameras and lenses.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Because, until now, I've used my cell phone camera to take the photos on my blog, as I didn't want to buy another SLR camera until I could find one that was small enough, and light enough, to want to carry it.  This is it.

Anti-Theft Wrist Strap | Pacsafe Carrysafe 25

I love this soft, light, and hard to slash camera wrist strap.  It helps prevent slash and run thefts, ensures I don't drop my camera, plus allows me to carabiner it to my Pacsafe crossbody (which I wear on my front side).  This means I can safely and easily pull my camera out, let it hang, then stash it back inside...whenever needed.

SD Cards | SanDisk

I have two of these SD cards for my camera (I first made sure they were exactly what my camera called for).  I love that this link sells two to four cards for the price usually seen for one.  I almost always use one card, download images each evening to my laptop (then delete them from the card), to keep them organized in folders on my laptop (I'm more likely to work on them, promptly, that way).  But it's always important for me to have a second SD card as a backup.

Small Laptop/Tablet | Lenovo Yoga 11.6"

The best thing about my Lenovo Yoga is that it's so lightweight and small that it can fit in my Pacsafe or Travelon.  With a keyboard on one side and a touchscreen on the other, it flips and folds to act as a laptop or a tablet.  I definitely need access to this real computer while traveling, and want it to be at least this light and small.

Surge Protector Power Strip | with 5' Extension Cord

I love this minimal and lightweight 5 foot extension cord and surge protected power strip.  It allows me to access difficult outlets (like behind a sofa), then place it up on a counter, to keep all other items cleanly organized while charging.  The cord is thin, and the plug folds over, making it easy to wrap around the strip itself.

Skross World Travel Adapter

This beauty is compatible in 150 countries worldwide, and so much easier to use than carrying around multiple adaptors for multiple countries!

Two-Prong Grounding Adapter

I've stayed in more than one room where old wiring meant there were no modern outlets.  I can plug this grounding adapter into old two-prong outlets, then plug my three-prong equipment into this.  (However, note that my power strip above has just two prongs!)

Memory Card Holder

I adore this memory card holder, as it's about the size of a credit card and keeps everything protected.  I mean, I love, love, love it.

Electronics Accessories Case

I have two of these BUBM cases.  They're water-resistant, cute, and allow me to keep my electronics accessories organized.  I like placing my phone and camera accessories in one case and my computer accessories in another case.  This allows me to grab and go, taking exactly what I need with me, each day.