TRAVEL clothing:

We’re often taught that it’s near impossible to find travel clothing that’s versatile, comfy…and looks attractive. And while I’m guilty of wearing a certain someone’s oversized hand-me-downs far too often, I actually want to dress in a way that makes me feel good. Clothing makes such a difference in how we feel. So below are a few of my most helpful travel clothes, which handle multiple tasks.  I’ll continue to add more. XO

House Slipper + Shower Shoe + Dress Shoe

I always have a clean pair of flip flops/shower shoes to wear inside lodging. When I saw these, it was like finding pink fuzzy house slippers and shower shoes in one.  I had to have them (they make me smile).  When I walk through the door of my lodging, they slip on as my house slippers.  Plus, they're wonderful as my shower shoes (they don't soak up water).  I have a size 9.5 foot and bought these in a 9.  The length is perfect and just a little snug around the strap.  Buy these in black (or any neutral color) and they triple as a lightweight dress shoe for a multitude of outfits.

Spring + Summer Shoe

I adore Chaco sandals because the right color/style (double straps!) can serve as my main shoe for the warmer half of the year, they tackle both sidewalks and hiking trails, all while looking cute with shorts, pants, skirts and dresses.  I also love their foot and arch support and that I can wash them in a front loader.  My foot is a size 9.5 and a size 9 in Chaco's gives me plenty of bumper toe protection (if I hit a rock head on, the shoe hits the rock and my toe doesn't).  EXAMPLE:  This photo shows me in a smaller size 8 (an emergency purchase) and you can see that my big toes are too close to the edge of the shoe, thus could hit a rock. So it’s vital to watch where the toes sit and buy these long enough so the toes don’t hang over the edge (when the foot is forced fully forward).

Fall + Winter Boot

I like one pair of boots to serve as my only outdoor shoes for the colder half of the year. It’s not always easy to find a perfect pair of boots, but these are cute enough to dress up or down with my wardrobe, are waterproof and vegan, have grippy soles (perfect for hiking or city), are easy to take on and off (even without zippers), have faux fur that goes well with greys or browns, are toasty warm, can easily be washed in a front-loader, and are lightweight (making it easier to pack them into a suitcase). SIZING: I’m a size 9.5, but my toes need room to spread wide. So, if you can believe it, a size 12 in these boots fit perfectly.

Comfort Bra (For Those Who Dislike Bras)

After a lifetime of searching, I finally found a comfy, easy on/off, no hook, attractive bra in fun colors.  BONUS:  The straps also cross in the back to wear under racerback tops...and sleeping in these bras, on a plane, provides the most comfort I've found yet.


Base Layer Top (Feminine + Warm)

One of the toughest challenges with cold weather clothing is finding a base layer top that also looks feminine. This is this only base layer top I’ve found with a true scoop neck and an overall elegant feel to it. This means I can wear it under just about any style of clothing and it will blend in. I find this layer to be lightweight, which means I can more easily use it for year-round layering (not just in winter).

Base Layer Bottom (Thin + Warm)

The other challenge with base layers is finding a thin (no bulk) base layer bottom that will also blend in with just about any outfit. Because when my bottom base layer is too thick (or if the waist sits too high), I literally feel restricted/trapped in my clothing. This insulating, anti-static and moisture-wicking bottom has been sleek/lightweight, which means I can more easily use it for year-round layering (not just in winter). For more winter warmth, one can even buy these in an extra warm version.

Stretchy Extra Layer

This lightweight, thin, one-size fits all, stretchy dress has so many uses it’s like a little miracle. It can be worn alone or over/under another outfit for extra warmth. The light weight and scoop neck are a great find. It’s easy to wash and hang dry.

Dressy Leggings (+ Extra Layer)

These lightweight, thin, one-size fits all, stretchy leggings can be worn on their own or under another outfit/dress for warmth. They are made by the same brand as the scoop neck dress above, which means when they’re paired together, their color matches perfectly. In addition, the waist is thin and smooth, eliminating a larger bulky waistband. These are easy to wash and hang dry.

Multi-Purpose Warm Layer

There’s nothing more comfy than putting on a stretchy warm dress when one is frigid. I bought this dress to help me stay warm when I also want to look nice (on planes, at conferences, in cold outdoor temperatures). I can wear the sleeves all the way down and can layer this over the seamless scoop neck dress and/or nice leggings. This dress has a tad more weight to it, but I find a layer like this necessary when I’m freezing (and I’m freezing far too often). I’m 5’7”, 120 pounds, and this dress (in a small) falls a bit lower on the legs than what you see here. It’s extremely flattering in person.

White Breezy Top

In the heat of the summer, while walking everywhere under the sun, I need a white breezy top to sweat in (and that will wick/dry) throughout the day. I find it well worth investing in at least one high quality shirt that can reliably handle this job. And this breathable tencel top by prAna is adorable.

Boyfriend Jeans | Lightweight, Loose Fit, Stretchy, Low-Rise

I find it fun and wise to have a pair of lightweight, loose fitting, stretchy, low-rise boyfriend jeans in my bag (holes are definitely not necessary).  Because when they’re light enough, loose enough, stretchy enough, and low enough, they are cute, comfy, and provide ventilation (in warmer temps). And, if I’m cold, there’s room to add a thin base layer underneath. This allows me to wear them during all four seasons. Of course (!), they stopped making my favorite pair, but the link gives an idea of what’s out there. BONUS: lightweight and stretchy make them easier to pack, wash and dry.

Long Fleece Coat (Airplane Wrap)

I bought this because no matter what time of year it is, and no matter how short or long my flight, I freeze on airplanes. And in conferences. So I bought this ample (long) fleece coat so that I now don’t have to carry/borrow a travel blanket. I can just wear it.

Multifunctional Accessory

I initially bought my buff to use as an extra winter layer around my neck. However, it’s also fantastic for protection from year-round cold, wind, and sun. It has endless uses:

  • neck protection

  • face mask

  • eye mask

  • hair band/scarf/wrap/hat

  • wristband

  • hand towel (quick drying)

  • the list goes on…!

Packable, Breathable Rain Shell

It’s hard to find a cute, comfy rain shell, yet not having one has put a bit of a damper on my city treks and trail hikes. So when I walked into a 50% off sale, I tried some on (even though I’d not liked how they looked in photos or on the rack). Thank goodness pricing motivated me, because (while this link takes you to the women’s version of the rain jacket I bought) I accidentally tried on a men’s small, which looked kind of cute, once on. A tad roomier and longer, it covered my tushy really well, provided space to comfortably add layers beneath, and was a color that better matched all of my clothing. When I rolled up the sleeves a few notches, it became even cuter. Sold. TIP: I find the following really important to consider:

  • waterproof (material, zippers, seals)

  • breathable (unzips in the armpits, if one is sweating)

  • packable (lightweight, folding down into its own pocket)

  • lighter colors (to avoid attracting mosquitoes)

  • brighter colors (to make it easier for others to see/find )

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