TRAVEL clothing:

We’re often taught that it’s near impossible to find travel clothing that’s versatile, comfy…and attractive. And while I’m guilty of wearing a certain someone’s sweats while lounging in private, I do prefer to dress in a way that makes me feel good. And clothing makes such a difference in how we feel. So below are a few of my most helpful travel clothes, which handle multiple tasks.  I’ll continue to add more. XO

House Slipper + Shower Shoe + Dress Shoe

When I saw these, it was like finding pink fuzzy house slippers and shower shoes in one.  I had to have them (they make me smile)…

These are ultra-lightweight. I have a size 9.5 foot and bought these in a 9.  The length is perfect and just a little snug around the strap.

Affordable Comfort Bra (for those who dislike bras)

After a lifetime of searching, I finally found this bra, which…

  • is comfy (even to sleep in, on planes)

  • is easy on and off (no hook)

  • has straps that can also cross in the back (for racerbacks)

Cooling Leak-Proof Undies

Intended for wearing on period days, these undies eliminate the need for panty liners. However, I wear them everyday because:

  • they are ultra thin (take up hardly any space)

  • they are comfy (can’t even tell they are on)

  • they are cooling (necessary in scorching summer heat)

(I keep an eye out for the sales.)

Ultra Lightweight Poplin Top

In the heat of the summer, while walking everywhere under the sun, I need a light top that:

  • I can sweat in

  • can wick/dry/ventilate throughout the day

  • protects from sunburn

  • can be dressed up or down

This Gap top wraps/snaps, is made from cooling poplin, and can even wrap over another item (tank, dress, etc.). I keep the sleeves rolled up a few inches and really love this look.

White Breezy Eco (Tencel) Top

This is my other white top that…

  • I can sweat in

  • can wick/dry/ventilate throughout the day

  • protects from sunburn

  • can be dressed up or down

  • (I’m having a seamstress add a zipper to this, as it doesn’t have an opening/isn’t stretchy, and I like some give while pulling on/off)

This prAna top does all this and is so cute.

Boyfriend Jeans

I find it fun to have a pair of boyfriend jeans that are:

  • thin/lightweight (small to pack, quicker to dry, comfy in all seasons)

  • loose fitting (for airflow in summer, room for base layer in winter)

  • stretchy

  • low-rise

  • (holes are definitely not necessary)

  • of course, they stopped making my favorite pair, but this gives an idea of what’s out there

Spring + Summer Shoe

I adore Chaco sandals because:

  • the right color/style (double straps!) can serve as my main shoe for the warmer half of the year

  • they tackle both sidewalks and hiking trails

  • they look cute with shorts, pants, skirts and dresses

  • I love their foot and arch support

  • I can wash them in a front loader

  • My foot is a size 9.5 and a size 9 in Chaco's gives me plenty of bumper toe protection (if I hit a rock head-on, the shoe hits the rock, my toe doesn't).  EXAMPLE:  This photo shows me in a too small size 8 (an emergency purchase) and you can see that my big toes are too close to the edge of the shoe, thus my toes could hit a rock. So I’ve found it important to push the foot fully forward, when sizing, to ensure the toes won’t reach the edge.

Ultra Lightweight Summer Travel Dress

With summer temperatures sweltering to heights we’ve not seen before, I’ve found dresses like these necessary. Here’s what I appreciate about this one:

  • ultra lightweight (similar to silk weight)

  • ultra packable (folds into small size)

  • front snaps unsnap (providing a bit of a v-neck)

  • back of neck and shoulders are protected from blazing sun

  • it’s tailored so well that it looks fitted, but there is nice roominess

  • (I’m 5’7”, 120lbs, and the XS is plenty spacious)


Base Layer Top

One of the toughest challenges is finding a base layer top that also looks feminine. This is this only base layer top I’ve found with a true scoop neck and an overall elegant feel to it. This means I can wear it under just about any style of clothing and it will blend in.

Base Layer Bottom

The other challenge with base layers is finding a thin (no bulk) base layer bottom that will also blend in with/under just about any outfit (or could actually be worn on its own). This moisture-wicking bottom is sleek and lightweight, which means I can more easily use it for year-round layering, under skirts, etc.

Stretchy Extra Layer

In cooler temperatures (or when layering up to stay warm on a plane), this one-size fits all stretchy dress can be worn over/under other items for extra warmth. Its scoop neck is a great find.

Dressy Leggings (+ Extra Layer)

In cooler temperatures (or when layering up to stay warm on a plane), these one-size fits all stretchy leggings can be worn alone or under another outfit for extra warmth. The waist is thin and smooth, eliminating a larger bulky waistband.

Multi-Purpose Warm Layer

I bought this dress to help me stay warm when I want to look nice (on planes, at conferences, in colder outdoor temperatures). I can even layer this over the seamless scoop neck dress and/or nice leggings listed above. This dress has a tad more weight to it, but I find a layer like this necessary when I’m freezing (and I’m freezing far too often). It’s extremely flattering in person.

Long Fleece Coat (My Plane Blanket aka My “Planket”)

I bought this because no matter what time of year it is, and no matter how short or long my flight, I freeze on airplanes (and in conferences). So I bought this ample (long) fleece coat so I now don’t have to carry/borrow a travel blanket. I can just wear it.

  • it scrunches up well enough to pack

  • it’s lined (many out there are not)

  • it can be dressed up or down

Multifunctional Neck/Head Accessory

I initially bought my buff to use as an extra warm layer around my neck. However, it’s also fantastic for protection from year-round sun, dust, wind, or cold. It has endless uses:

  • neck protection

  • face mask

  • eye mask

  • hair band/scarf/wrap/hat

  • wristband

  • hand towel (quick drying)

  • the list goes on…!

Fall + Winter Boot

I like one pair of boots to serve as my only outdoor shoe for the colder half of the year. It’s not always easy to find a perfect pair of boots, but these:

  • are cute enough to dress up or down with my wardrobe

  • (have faux fur that goes well with greys or browns)

  • are vegan

  • are waterproof

  • are toasty warm

  • have grippy soles (perfect for hiking and city)

  • are easy to take on and off (without the need to untie)

  • can easily be washed in a front-loader

  • are lightweight (making it easier to pack them)

SIZING: I’m a size 9.5, but my toes need room to spread wide. So, if you can believe it, a size 12 in these boots worked perfectly.

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