TRAVEL bath kit:

Below are the items that make up my travel bath kit.  Notice how compact these are, compared to many conventional products.  I carry these items with me, so I don't have to constantly search, on the road, for gluten-free products that are safe for me to use.  This saves me time and money on all fronts.  Of course, those who take short trips can bring even tinier amounts of what they need.  It's all good.  XO

Shampoo Bar | Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Natural

Of all the shampoo bars I've tried, this shampoo bar (by far) has been the most exquisite.  My hair does not feel tacky afterward, but soft and luscious.  This shampoo bar also lathers, can be used for face, body, and shaving—and it helps reduce the use of plastic.  No GMOs, palm, or parabens and one bar equals 20 liquid ounces.

Travel Soap Dish | with Removable Tray

The only downside to shampoo bars is that I need to protect them from running water (which dissolves them), protect them from sitting in their own lather (which grows microbes), and protect them during transport.  This travel soap dish does the trick.  And it can last years.

Facial Cleanser | Gluten-Free, Glass Bottle

I needed a gluten-free cleanser that would be gentle on my eyes, face, and neck.  I wanted it to be in a glass bottle, but I couldn't believe it when the smallest amount went a long way.  After I wet my hands with water, it only takes 1-2 pumps to create a lather.  And Pangea Organics states, "At any time, for any reason, 100% money back Guarantee and the product is yours to keep or share with a  friend."

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Bath and Shower Gloves | Recycled

This is my must have (because it's nearly impossible to travel with a terry washcloth).  These also fill 3 roles:  They can be a pre-shower dry-brush, a gentle facial exfoliator, and a body wash cloth.  In addition, they dry quickly and can be machine washed, to help keep them sanitary.

Tiny Towel | Bamboo

This is my little travel towel.  It's intended to only wrap/dry the hair, yet it's been more than sufficient to dry my body, too.  It's soft and exquisite, small, and easy to hold/fold/roll.  It dries at about the same speed as my past travel towels—but it feels like luxury (unlike most travel towels).  I love it in white and it comes in additional colors that would also work great for men.  Never again wrangle lots of towel.

Tiny Hair Dryer | Dual Voltage

For the first time in 15+ years, I've had to embrace using a hair dryer, due to traveling in cold locations, having long hair, and because not all lodging provides hair dryers.  This tiny Andis 1600-Watt MicroTurbo dual voltage is the smallest hair dryer I've found.  Cute!

Facial Cleansing Pads | Desert Essence with Tea Tree Oil

These cleansing pads make my face squeaky clean each day (important, if one can't shower daily, while traveling).  The most amazing thing?  After years of suffering with rosacea (which only the prescription Soolantra had been able to soothe), these tea tree pads miraculously handle the rosacea, too.  (No more meds needed!)

Balancing Oil | Gluten-Free, Vegan, All Skin Types

My skin, as I age and travel, can feel dry ... even though I have combination skin.  So I wanted a product (in a glass bottle) that I could put on at night, no matter what state it was in.  I was drawn to this balancing oil when I read "... plant-based ingredients ... most ... restorative and hydrating ... radically boosts cell production ... speeds up skin cell regeneration, fades scars and can alleviate breakouts ... breathe life back into tired skin."  Time will tell what the long-term impact is, but I'm just thrilled with its quality.  And Pangea Organics states, "At any time, for any reason, 100% Money Back Guarantee & The Product is Yours to Keep or Share with a Friend."

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Natural Deodorant | Primal Pit Paste

I've tried most natural deodorants and nothing has worked as good—nor gone on as easily (smooth, like frosting)—as Primal Pit Paste.  This little jar is compact, eco (reusable glass), long-lasting (24+ hours), smells great, and helps reduce the use of one-use plastic.

Bath Bag | Lewis N Clark Electrolight Toiletry Kit 

I wanted this bath bag to keep toiletries tightly secure, so I could easily slip them into any bag.  This toiletry kit takes up little space, and is small, so I have two.  One holds everything I need while showering.  The other holds everything I need after showering. BONUS: these bags can be used as “packing cubes” to pack/organize anything else, as well.