TINY travel kitchen:

Below are the items that make up my tiny travel kitchen.  I love these items so much. Having these items in my bag means we have what we love, no matter where we are (as there’s simply no way for every location to have what we need, and that’s okay). Since we don’t always know where we’re going next, this also creates a sense of home wherever we go, when everything else around us is new. XO


Water Filter | GO Berkey Kit

I’ve long been addicted to the sweet water that filters out of a Berkey, so I’m so grateful to have the smallest stainless steel Berkey water filter nesting in my bag. However, the most vital reason we have a Berkey water filter is due to what we’ve encountered (even in major hotels in North America)…

  • old water pipes

  • chlorine/bad tasting water

  • getting sick from water (the need to filter viruses, bacteria, aluminum, barium, lead, mercury, fecal coliform, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, arsenic, e. coli, nitrites, PCBs, petroleum products, rust, foul tastes and odors, etc.)

This kit also came with a blue water bottle (which we didn’t need, so we gifted that to someone who needs + loves it), the stainless top comes off to nest inside the stainless bottom for travel, the primer collapses into a tiny pouch (and is so helpful), and the protective bag can hold far more than just the Berkey (so we’re not sure if we’ll keep the bag, but for now it’s protecting our sweet GO Berkey).

The Perfect Spork

I'm always proclaiming that this is the only eating utensil that need exist, as I find it ultra lightweight with perfectly balanced…

  • spoon shape

  • prong length, sharpness, and placement

  • smooth and textured finish

I can easily eat anything with this spork. No other spork I've tried has come close. In fact, I’m often telling retailers about this spork, so they can stock and sell it (and, wink, REI now does). It’s a little miracle.

Nesting Food Containers

I love having these lightweight nesting food containers because they’re:

  • plastic-free

  • bpa-free

  • phthalate-free

  • leak-proof silicone lids

They’re especially helpful when we’re traveling in areas that have expensive food or few healthy eateries (like beautiful Swiss mountain villages), as we can bring food with us each day. They’re also perfect for storing our leftovers in the fridge.

Eco Water Bottle

When hiking/biking, we need water bottles. It took a long time to find this beautiful eco water bottle, which has…

  • no lacquers of any kind

  • no plastic

  • no paints

  • no coatings

  • thin, uninsulated, walls

And if one doesn’t want a bamboo cap, or if one wants a different size, here’s a similar water bottle without bamboo, which also comes in multiple sizes.


Travel Can Opener

We once had two options for a travel can opener:  an exposed blade that could cut your finger off or a household can opener too heavy to lug around.  Now there's this…

  • it's small

  • it’s comfy (doesn't hurt my hand while twisting)

  • it leaves no sharp edges behind

This is perfect for road trips, in hotels, Airbnbs, boats...anywhere.

Paring Knife | with Travel Sheath

This paring knife is the only knife I carry, as…

  • it’s so large and sharp that it helps me more like a chef's knife

  • it easily cuts fruit, nuts, squash, etc.

  • it has a protective sheath

Knife Sharpener | Extra Small

  • the tiniest

  • the most lightweight

  • little knife sharpener

It sharpens my one knife, so it can keep on keeping on.

Mini Tongs | Silicone

I love having these mini tongs, because they’re…

  • adorably small and lightweight

  • able to stir, mix, and pick up just about any food

  • perfect for non-stick surfaces (so we don’t scratch surfaces)

  • easy to clean and store closed, with the attached tiny ring

  • BPA free and PVC free

Plus, these tongs eliminate the need for just about any other cooking utensil. BONUS:  when it's cheaper to purchase these in multiples, the extras are terrific gifts for others.


Matcha Tea*

I'm in love with matcha tea, but it isn't always easy to find matcha that’s:

  • certified organic Japanese matcha tea

  • tested to be safe from radiation

So I pack a can with me. A little goes a long way (one tiny can lasts me weeks) and it’s a great morning tea, hot or at room temperature.

*Is matcha tea one of the healthiest teas? | How should we protect our teeth from tea?

Hibiscus Tea*

It can be tough to find pure hibiscus tea, so I toss some in my bag. And when I mix the following ingredients together, it’s amazing (no sweetener needed)…

  • hibiscus tea

  • matcha tea

  • a chunk of fresh ginger

*Is hibiscus tea one of the healthiest teas? | How should we protect our teeth from tea?

What else is in my bag?



Eco Bath Kit


Tiny Travel Kitchen


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