TINY travel kitchen:

Below are the items that make up my tiny travel kitchen.  I love these so much. Bringing these items on the road ensures I always have what I need, no matter where we’re lodging (as there’s just no way for every Airbnb, hotel, retreat center, etc. to have exactly what I need, and that’s okay). XO

Eco Stainless + Bamboo Water Bottle

When hiking/biking, we do need a water bottle. It took a long time to find this truly eco water bottle with no lacquers “of any kind”…

  • no plastic

  • no paints

  • no coatings

I also prefer this single layer (uninsulated) water bottle, as it…

  • is more compact (thinner)

  • can boil water (if needed)

  • can be cleaned in a dishwasher (when available)

  • is really elegant…so beautiful!

Eco Water Purifier

I don't mess around with water anymore, as I've been too sick from water that was supposedly safe.  So I'm grateful for this water purifier that:

  • is "proven to be safe and effective eliminating over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness"

  • eliminates the need to buy bottled water (no plastic/waste)

  • eliminates the need to haul water (on me) when I’d rather not

Perfect Ultra Lightweight Eco Spork

I'm always proclaiming that this is the only eating utensil that need exist, as I find the following perfectly balanced:

  • its spoon shape

  • its prong length/placement

  • its finish

I can easily eat anything with this spork. No other spork I've tried has come close. In fact, I’m often telling retailers about this spork, so they can stock and sell it. It’s that good. Plus, it’s ultra lightweight (and not made of plastic)!

Paring Knife with Sheath

This paring knife is the only knife I carry, as…

  • it’s so large and sharp that it helps me more like a chef's knife

  • it easily cuts fruit, nuts, squash, etc.

  • it has a protective sheath

My only regret has been when I’ve left it behind, thinking an Airbnb would have better knives. But no other knife has made me smile like this knife.

Tiny Knife Sharpener

  • the tiniest

  • the most lightweight

  • little knife sharpener

It sharpens my one knife, so it can keep on keeping on.

Tiny Travel Can Opener

We once had two options for a travel can opener:  an exposed blade that could cut your finger off or a household can opener too heavy to lug around.  Now there's this…

  • it's tiny

  • it’s comfy (doesn't hurt my hand while twisting)

  • it leaves no sharp edges behind

I find this a must have on road trips, in hotels, Airbnbs, boats...everywhere.

Mini Silicone Tongs

These mini tongs are adorably small, lightweight and they make it so easy to:

  • stir, mix, and pick up food

  • quick to clean

  • store closed, using its attached tiny ring

And these eliminate the need for just about any other cooking utensil.

BONUS:  when it's cheaper to purchase these in multiples, the extras are great gifts for others.

Immersion Heater

I find one of the easiest ways to enjoy quick/economical nourishment (and to warm/wake oneself up) is to heat water for:

  • tea

  • cereal

  • soup

This immersion heater means I don't have to go out each morning, to provide the basics, when our lodging doesn’t have its own tiny kitchen.

Lunchbox + Travel Cutting Board

When I saw this, I had to have this beautiful:

  • daily cutting board

  • lunchbox

  • to store my kitchen tools on transport days (and toss in the luggage)

Matcha Tea*

I'm in love with matcha tea.  But it isn't always easy to find this product:

  • pure organic Japanese matcha tea

  • tested to be safe from radiation

  • (a little goes a long way; one tiny can lasts me weeks)

*Is matcha tea one of the healthiest teas? | How should we protect our teeth from tea?

Hibiscus Tea*

Hibiscus tea makes it easy for me to consume the antioxidant levels that I should consume throughout each day. It can be tough to find pure hibiscus tea in stores, though, so each box I toss in my luggage gives me a two week supply.

BONUS: When I mix the following together, it’s amazing (no sweetener needed)…

*Is hibiscus tea one of the healthiest teas? | How should we protect our teeth from tea?

Cup + Pot + Bowl

This lightweight (big little) cup/pot/bowl does it all.  It's invaluable…

  • as a little mixing bowl

  • to cook a meal

  • to store food in the fridge, freezer or day pack

  • to drink beverages

  • to hook onto a daypack (empty)

  • to store my tea stash on transport days (and toss in the luggage)

om: a mantra...used in contemplation...

venture: to go somewhere that is unknown...