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When the editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology (more here and here) told us why we should be eating plant-based, I listened.  When the Permanente JournalMidland Memorial Hospital (more here and here), Montefiore Health (more here), Highland Hospital's chief cardiologist, and many more continue to remind us, I keep listening.  I earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition so I could do a little more.

While volunteering with medical doctors and assisting patients in making dietary and lifestyle changes, it became clear to me how many of us are not introduced to the latest science from around the world.  Instead, we often believe the latest advertised product/food lobbyist claims, partial findings, or pseudoscience, which are unfortunately repeated throughout official dietary literature and industry organizations.

I know that just thinking about changing a habit can feel agonizing, and it can seem impossible to eat healthy while traveling.  So I'm including resources below that help generate the motivation to care for ourselves.  It can also help to look at each meal as an adventure.  Also, the number one request I've received, for years, is to show how I eat.  So, on the blog, I'll show how I'm doing—imperfectly, while eating out, with few cooking skills, and often with a tiny travel kitchen!  XO











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