When Dr. T. Colin Campbell discovered that animal protein causes tumor growth, I listened. When the editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology explained why all humans should eat plant-based, I listened. When the Permanente Journal, Midland Memorial Hospital, Montefiore Health, Highland Hospital, and countless more—like Dr. Greger at Nutrition Facts, and the Plant Pure Nation program—continue to educate and support the public’s health with this, I listen. Especially since my surgeon told me to listen to this reasoning twenty-five years ago. It’s no surprise that this is also the ecological remedy that scientists are calling for. So, in addition to our travel food and travel menu pages, below are some of our favorite resources that motivate us on this plant-based journey. XO


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When providing food to others, I prefer to not even mention that the animal products are missing. Because—like when feeding children—if you tell them, they can often refuse to try even a bite of delicious, nourishing food. XO


om: a mantra...used in contemplation...

venture: to go somewhere that is unknown...