MINDFUL eating:

When Dr. T. Colin Campbell educated his students on what happens to the human body when it eats plant-based, I listened. When the editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology explained why all humans should eat plant-based, I listened. When the Permanente Journal, Midland Memorial Hospital, Montefiore Health, Highland Hospital, and many others—like Dr. Greger at Nutrition Facts, and the Plant Pure Nation programs—continue to educate and support the public’s health in this, I listen. It’s no surprise that this is also the ecological remedy that the climate change scientists have called for.

Here are a few of my favorite plant-based support resources, which help me make sustainable food choices, no matter where I'm located:


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Wise TIP:

When providing food for others, I find it wisest to not even mention that the animal products are missing. Because, if it’s tasty and filling, nobody really notices. Whereas—like when feeding children—if you tell them something is missing, they can often refuse to try even a bite of a nourishing meal.


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