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I've been trained as a Certified Trauma Specialist, Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy-Based Crisis Counselor, Certified Peer Counselor, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/MBSR Teacher and Mind-Body Medicine Professional.

This training, which incorporates evidence-based and trauma-informed mindfulness techniques, has made it possible for me to volunteer with mental health practitioners and assist clients who are experiencing crisis.  These experiences have also taught me how rare it is to find someone who is not in need of such support at some point in their lives.

Because we all face challenges, no matter where we're located.  I'm still in awe that when I take this kind of mindful action in a challenging moment, the calm it brings allows me to handle the next moment with more ease.  I look forward to continuing this volunteer work while out on the road, so please let me know if you have a project in need of this kind of volunteer support or if you just want to connect!  XO






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