MINDFUL breathing:

Each moment, we receive a gift:  a chance to be mindfully present—to witness what's happening within, and to breathe. I find this especially helpful when feeling an intense emotion: witnessing what’s happening within, and then simply breathing, until the intense emotion passes (without taking any other action, if that’s safe to do so) This can bring an awareness, and an inner calm, that can help us thrive.

Here are a few of my favorite mindful resources:



Preside Life | Self Compassion

Mindful TIP:

One of my biggest challenges is pausing when I’m interacting with others, because I’m just so excited to be connecting with them. Yet this doesn’t always allow another to fully finish their sentences. But if I focus on watching another’s expressions, listening to their tone, and embracing the pause that follows their words (while I simply breathe)…that pause always comes far later in the conversation than I could have ever imagined (they had far more to share than I knew!) and their story completely changes, going to a place I would have never known. This presence brings joy.



Text Therapy

24/7 FREE Text Crisis Support: Text 741741 in the USA | Text 686868 in Canada | Coming Soon to UK

Miscellaneous Support:

Family Estrangement | Myths of Estrangement | Estranged Overview| Why There’s Estrangement


om: a mantra...used in contemplation...

venture: to go somewhere that is unknown...