MINDFUL breathing / TRAUMA support:

Each moment, we receive an opportunity—a chance to be mindfully present—to witness what's happening within, to cradle any suffering, and to breathe. I find this especially helpful when feeling an intense emotion…until the intense emotion passes This process can help create calm, bring awareness, and help us sustainably thrive. Here are a few of my favorite resources that support a mindful trek:



How to Breathe | Harvard | Mayo Clinic | National Institutes of Health | Oxford Mindfulness Centre | TIME | University of Washington



Preside Life | Self Compassion


One of my biggest challenges is to remember to pause while talking with others, so others can finish their sentence. So I try to focus on watching their expression, tone, plus embrace the pause that follows their words (while I simply breathe). This allows their pause to come far later than I could have ever imagined, taking their story to a place I would have never otherwise known.



Trauma Support:

Trauma-Informed Care | Harvard on Trauma-Informed Care | Adverse Childhood Experiences | Childhood Trauma Leads to… | What Abuse of an Adult Child Looks Like to the Public at Large (the abuser can be a female or a male) | Why There’s Estrangement | Estrangement Overview | Family Estrangement | Myths of Estrangement

Free 24/7 Crisis Support:

Text 741741 in the US | Text 686868 in Canada | Text 85258 in the UK | Coming to Ireland | Coming to South Africa


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When my mindful skills have a weak moment and I’m tempted to react to a harmful individual, I try to compassionately remember: Don’t dig through the dumpster. It’s big. It’s dirty. It has its own purpose. It needs to sit there or it will only get messier. There’s no use explaining a thing. It’s obvious what it is.


om: a mantra...used in contemplation...

venture: to go somewhere that is unknown...