MINDFUL breathing

Each moment, we receive an opportunity—a chance to be mindfully present—to witness what's happening within, to cradle any suffering, and to breathe. I find this especially helpful when feeling an intense emotion…until the intense emotion passes This process can help create calm, bring awareness, and help us sustainably thrive. Here are a few of my favorite resources that support this mindful adventure…



Dalai Lama | Thich Nhat Hanh


One of my challenges is remembering to pause when talking with others. So I try to focus on watching their expression, tone, plus embrace the pause that follows their words (while I simply breathe). This allows their pause to come far later than I could have ever imagined, taking their story to a place I would have never otherwise known.


How to breathe | Harvard | Mayo Clinic | National Institutes of Health | Oxford Mindfulness Centre | TIME | University of Washington



Preside Life | Self Compassion



Trauma Support:

Trauma-informed… | Harvard on… | Adverse childhood… | Childhood trauma leads to… | What abuse of an adult child looks like… | How abuse harms us all…Why there’s estrangement… | Overview of estrangement… | Family estrangement… | Myths of estrangement…

Free Crisis Support:

in the US, text 741741 | in Canada, text 686868 | in the UK, text 85258 | Coming to Ireland | Coming to South Africa

Therapy Anytime, Anywhere:



When my mindful skills have a weak moment and I’m tempted to automatically react to a harmful individual, I try to compassionately remember: Don’t dig through a dumpster. It’s big. It’s dirty. It’s only going to get messier. Instead, I need to compassionately focus on my own peace and safety. So the more I practice my mindful skills in these moments, the easier it all becomes. There are still surprises. I am still shocked. Which is why I keep practicing.



Mindful Movement:

Keeping a mindful routine on the road provides comfort, consistency, and predictability (when everything else is changing), so I searched a long time to find a very special way to enjoy unlimited classes (yoga, meditation, Pilates), at any time. And I’m so grateful for the professionalism, kindness, and reasonable price of My Yoga Works (only $49 for an entire year).


om: a mantra...used in contemplation...

venture: to go somewhere that is unknown...