LUGGAGE and accessories:


My luggage carries everything I own.  Below are the luggage and accessories that keep me streamlined and ready for just about anything.

I absolutely love being organized, but I know it isn't always easy to figure out.  I hope this page helps others.  I update this page as necessary, so please check back for any changes.  XO

 My Luggage + Accessories  in Action

My Luggage + Accessories in Action

Packable Travel Bag/Tote | The Spare/Underseat Bag

This huge travel tote packs flat until it’s needed and can fit under the seat for budget flights and short trips. I love that it can act as a “protector” bag. Meaning, since airplane floors are funky, I can toss my other bags/things into this bag (creating one bag), pull them out after landing, fold up this bag up into its pouch for later use (and easy laundering), so my things stay clean. This is a thicker nylon with no plastic lining and worth its price (too many cheaper bags have fallen apart on me). BONUS: it doubles as a laundry bag and there was no chemical smell when it arrived.

Convertible Backpack | Travelon Signature Convertible Backpack

This locking, RFID, and anti-slash bag is used as a backpack, purse, computer bag, or even my carry-on.  It fits my 11" computer/tablet, power cords, my glasses, snacks and emergency supplies.  BONUS:  When the bathroom is a hike way, this can fit all my regular sized bath products, bath gloves, towel, a small change of clean clothing, and cell phone.  I love its flexible practicality.

Crossbody | Pacsafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack

I had no idea how valuable this Pacsafe would be, or how much I would love it, until I tried it on.  In addition to having all the RFID, locking, and anti-slash features, it fits close to the body, can whip around to rest on my front or back (without removing it), and fits all my camera gear (or 11” laptop).  Critically, it's been allowed where we find backpacks are not (museums, shops, etc.), as a purse/man purse, while out and about.  BONUS:  After boarding, I pull it down over my shoulder, so it can rest against my belly (like a fanny pack), and I drape my sweater over it, so I can have everything at my fingertips, in flight.  This has been, hands down, one of the best tools for the road.  TIP:  I wrap a padded cover around its strap for extra comfort.

Organizer Bags | Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Wristlets

I can carry the wristlets on their own or toss them into another bag.  I place makeup/personal items in them. Due to a sale price, I bought black (the interior is a lighter color), even though I wanted white.  However, they've grown on me and I love them.  BONUS:  Eagle Creek's style is back.

Travel Wallet/Organizer | Pacsafe V150 Anti-Theft

I love this travel wallet because it holds everything safely.  Internally, the cards are held snug enough that nothing falls out (my old travel wallet sent cards flying).  It's also small enough to be a wallet, yet large enough to fit a passport (my checkbook just barely fits inside, vertically, without its cover).  It zips open/closed, with a long strap that allow it to rest around-the-neck or securely attach to the inside of a bag.  I keep mine hooked to the inside of my backpack or crossbody (both above) for secure yet easy access.

Lojel Cubo Suitcase | Medium (Checked) Bag

I adore this tamper-proof roller bag for weeks/months on the road.  It's beautifully stout/squared, creating a low center of gravity.  My favorite part:  while upright on all four wheels, its front (door) opens like a "front door."  This allows packing cubes to be stacked flat, and remain flat inside, like drawers.  Meaning, it acts like an old fashioned clothing wardrobe one need never unpack.  This is a big help in airports and tiny rooms, when one needs to reach in and find something without all falling out.  I also love how hard suitcases better survive stacking, weather, and doubling as a chair. I can also loop my laundry line around the handle, as a “bungee,” to hold the door open. BONUS:  there was no plastic smell when mine arrived.

(I check a medium bag due to autoimmune/personal supply needs and this bag isn’t too big for me. While I don’t often travel by train, in places like Sweden I would be comfortable placing this in the luggage area near the door. Arriving early would be necessary, though, to ensure space.)

Packing Cinch Sac | for Underwear

I wanted these thin packing sacs to keep underthings tightly secure, so I could easily slip them into any corner of my luggage.  This packing sac takes up little space and is small, so I have two.  Together they hold about a week’s supply of socks, underwear, and bras.

Bath Bag | Lewis N Clark Electrolight Toiletry Kit 

I wanted this thin bath bag, to keep toiletries tightly secure, so I could easily slip them into any bag.  This toiletry kit takes up little space and is small, so I have two.  One holds everything I need while showering.  The other holds everything I need after showering (including my tiny hair dryer).

Packing Cube | for Clothing

These cheerfully bright, yet still transparent, packing cubes make it easy to see, find, and keep clothing organized inside an often darker suitcase.  I use six of these identical packing cubes (for stacking stability).  Lightweight and quick-drying, they've been a life-changer.

Shoe Covers | by Lewis N Clark

These shoe covers keep my luggage and its contents clean.  Lightweight and stretchy, they are so much easier to use than stiff shoe covers.  They do not smell, they take up minimal space, and can be doubled up if need be.  When it's time for a good cleaning, they are tossed in the wash with dark colors.  TIP:  the first time I washed these their dark color bled, so I would only wash these with similar colors.

Packable (Foldable)  Day Pack

This is the smallest daypack I've ever owned.  Surprisingly, it's enough.  I keep it folded in a corner of my suitcase, so its always ready for the next day hike.  BONUS:  It doubles as a small laundry/grocery bag.

Travel Clothes Line | by Travelon

I've used one of these clothesline for years, due to its high quality.  It's been the perfect size and weight for just about everything.  Even when I machine wash my clothes, there are items I prefer to hang dry.  I also dry my travel towel on it, after showering.  BONUS:  it does double duty as a "bungee," keeping the front door of my suitcase open.

Kapok Vegan "Travel Pillow w/ ZIP 12x16" | for Sleeping

I never thought I would travel with a pillow.  But after encountering severely stained pillows (and cases too thin to act as a safe barrier), I'm sold.  I also bought the Organic Barrier Pillow Protector ("Travel w/ Zip Cover"), to use as its travel pillowcase.  There's just enough room in my luggage to stuff it in.  TIP:  When ordering, verify the correct travel pillow and cover are selected.