LUGGAGE and accessories:

Below are the luggage and accessories that keep me streamlined and ready for just about anything.  I use, adore, and update these as necessary, so please check back for any changes.  XO

Travel Wallet/Organizer | Pacsafe V150 Anti-Theft

I love this travel wallet because it holds everything so securely internally and externally.  It can attach safetly to anything with its strap and hook.  Plus, nothing ever falls out of it (whereas my old wallet would send cards flying).  It's small enough to be a wallet, yet large enough to fit a passport (my checkbook even fits inside, vertically, without its cover).  It zips open/closed and its long strap also allows it to be used as an around-the-neck money belt or to securely attach to the inside of a bag or jacket (mine is hooked to the inside of my Pacsafe Crossbody below).

Crossbody | Pacsafe Vibe 325 Anti-Theft Sling Pack

I had no idea how valuable this Pacsafe crossbody would be, or how much I would love it, until I actually tried it on (because, initially, I was not drawn to it at all!).  In addition to having all the RFID, locking, and anti-slash features needed in some travel locations, it fits close to the body, can whip around to rest on one's front or back (without removing it), and even fits a small computer/tablet (the size of a 11.6" Lenovo Yoga or iPad).  Critically, it's been allowed where we find backpacks are not (museums, shops, etc.).  It's a purse/man purse while out and about each day.  I prefer wearing it on my front side (for easy access and to allow room on my back for my carry-on backpack, when on planes).  BONUS:  After boarding a plane, I pull my shoulder through it, so it can rest against my belly (like a fanny pack), at which point I then drape my sweater over it, so I can have everything at my fingertips.  This has been, hands down, one of the best tools for the road.

Packable (Foldable) Carry-On | Large Marmot Urban Hauler

This large Marmot Urban Hauler has been a terrific packable carry-on.  Meaning, when I don't need it, it folds up and stores flat inside my suitcase so I'm not burdened with a carry-on bag unless/until I actually need one (why I always buy foldable backpacks, with no rigid framing).  This pack works great for men or women and helps our gear blend in, more neutrally, with just about any travel outfit (not appearing too sporty), if we're trying to dress a tad nicer.  There's room for a laptop, a mini office, and all the necessities one might want on hand during a flight.  I also wash it in a front-loader when needed.  BONUS:  It doubles as a travel grocery bag.

Lojel Cubo Suitcase | Medium

I adore this roller bag.  I love, love, love it!  It's tamper-proof and perfect for weeks/months on the road.  It's beautifully stout/squared, creating a low center of gravity.  The best part is:  while it stands upright on all four wheels, its front (door) opens like a "front door."  This allows packing cubes to be stacked flat, and remain flat inside, like drawers.  This is a tremendous help in airports and train stations—when one needs to reach in and easily find something without everything falling out.  This even allows one to never unpack (nice in tiny rooms), as it can act like an old fashioned clothing wardrobe.  I also love how a hard suitcase can better survive stacking, weather, and doubling as a chair.  BONUS:  There was no plastic smell when my Lojel arrived.

Packing Cube | for Clothing

These cheerfully bright, yet still transparent, packing cubes make it easy to see, find, and keep clothing organized inside an often dark suitcase.  I use six of these identical packing cubes (for stacking stability).  Lightweight and quick-drying, they've been a life-changer.

Packing Cube | for Underwear

I needed a packing cube that would keep underwear securely organized, because underthings can be difficult to keep track of.  This firmly-sided packing cube fits 8 pairs of socks and 5 bras neatly in the lower compartment, plus 8 underpants in the upper compartment.  I love this, as it allows me to only to do laundry once a week.  For those of us who travel full-time, this is a luxury to be enjoyed.

Packing Cube | for Shoes

This shoe bag holds shoes securely, keeping moisture, dirt and debris away from all the clean items inside the luggage.  Sturdy and strong, this is a shoe bag that has held up.  Also, when it's time for a good cleaning, I just wash it in a front-loading washing machine.

Packable (Foldable)  Day Pack

This is the smallest daypack I've ever owned.  Surprisingly, it's enough.  I keep it folded in a corner of my suitcase, so its always ready for the next day hike.  BONUS:  It doubles as a laundry bag.

Travel Clothes Line | by Travelon

I've had this clothesline for years, due to its high quality.  It's been the perfect size and weight for just about everything.  Because even when I machine wash my clothes, there are some items I prefer to hang dry.  This clothesline is also where I dry my travel towel, after showering.