LUGGAGE and accessories:

My luggage carries everything I own. Below are the luggage and accessories that keep me streamlined and ready for just about anything.  I can’t begin to express the freedom these bring. XO

Packable Travel Tote | + Protective Underseat Bag

I’m so grateful for this large tote that packs flat until it’s needed. And it’s often needed. It’s especially helpful for budget flights, since airplane floors can be funky. Meaning, I can toss my personal item and travel food (or any items I want to keep clean) into this bag, creating one bag, and stuff it under the seat. After arriving, I can fold this bag into its own pouch for later use (and laundering). This bag also triples as a laundry bag, grocery bag or beach tote. It’s made of thick nylon with no plastic lining (no lining that later breaks apart) and it’s been well worth its price (as so many other travel totes have fallen apart on me). BONUS: it had no chemical smell when it arrived.

Anti-Theft Crossbody (Phone) Wallet

I’m so excited to have this wallet, so I can easily keep my phone securely on me (instead of placing my phone in random pockets/bags). This (phone) wallet is made of anti-slash, RFID material, it zips open/closed, and the zipper fasteners help prevent pickpockets. This wallet can be worn on its own (under or over clothes) on days when I want to carry very little, or it can easily fit inside my lockable pack (when I need to carry more, more securely). This new wallet can hold:

  • cell phone

  • passport

  • checkbook

  • driver’s license

  • NEXUS card

  • ATM card

  • 3 more cards (credit)

  • miscellaneous paperwork (folded)

  • pen

  • handi-wipes, lipstick, etc.

Dear PacSafe: When you update this design, pretty please…

  • allow the front pocket to unzip another inch

  • allow the main pocket to open flat (attach latching strap down at the same level as the unlatched strap)

  • add pretty colors to the inside =)

Anti-theft Crossbody Lockable Pack

I had no idea how valuable this lockable pack would be until I actually placed it on my body.  In addition to having all the RFID and anti-slash features, it can lock (there’s a loop for a tiny padlock at the opening zippers, plus on the strap). It fits close to the body and can flip around to rest on my front or back (without removing it). This allows me to relax no matter where it’s positioned (I don’t have to keep an eye out for pickpockets). Critically, this bag has also been allowed where backpacks often are not (shops, museums, etc.).  And after boarding transportation, one can even slip it down over their shoulder so it rests against the belly (like a fanny pack), and drape a jacket over it, to keep everything at one’s fingertips while in transit.  This has been, hands down, one of the best tools for the road. In fact, it's slender, but I can still max it out on transportation days and load it with:

Trtl Travel Pillow

I wanted this travel pillow (which fits like a neck scarf) because it appeared warmer and more compact than other travel pillows. And it is. It just took me three flights to figure out exactly where to position it for the best sleep. And that’s okay. I put it on before loading and don’t bother taking it off until we arrive (it frees my hands to grab my bag/s). I love that it can also wrap around any handle on any bag or slip into a bag pocket. It’s also great in autos, buses, and trains. BONUS: it’s easy to wash, quick to dry, and it had no chemical smell when it arrived.

Lojel Cubo Spinner Suitcase

I adore this tamper-proof roller bag (and I love Lojel’s ethical/non-toxic manufacturing commitment). I find this Cubo style beautifully stout with what feels like a lower center of gravity. I also love how this bag looks and feels more compact to me. Right now I’m using this medium size bag because…

  • I no longer have a home, so I carry my life (four seasons) with me

  • as much as I would love this bag in its carry-on size, I would then have to always carry a backpack (I want to be free of a backpack)

  • as soon as I land at an airport, I can remove my personal item (which contains all of my valuables/electronics while in transit) and place it inside this rolling lojel (leaving my entire body free to relax)

The best part:  while this bag stands upright on all four wheels, its “front door” opens like a front door (this bag never splits in half).  This allows packing cubes to be stacked flat, and remain flat inside, like drawers, utilizing the full depth of the bag. Thus, this suitcase can act like an old fashioned clothing wardrobe one need never unpack. This is so helpful in airports, train stations and tiny rooms, when one wants to reach in to grab essential items without anything else falling out.

I also appreciate how hard suitcases better survive stacking, weather, and can double as a chair. BONUS: it had no chemical smell when it arrived.

In places like Sweden, I’m comfortable placing this medium bag in the luggage storage area near the door of a train. Yet, I’d still…

  • travel during off-peak hours (fewer people/bags)

  • reserve a seat nearby (so it’s always in my line of sight)

  • arrive early to nab that luggage spot

REI Expandable Packing Cube

I recently fell in love with these medium expandable packing cubes (their paprika color is a bit warmer/richer in person). Like a compression cube, they can be filled while expanded then zipped down into their smaller size. And they’re more manageable (not too floppy) when not packed extremely tight, which I prefer, to prevent wrinkling. I have six of these cubes so I can stack them in my suitcase like “drawers.” This is what I pack in my 6 cubes:

  • Underwear (undies, bras, socks, base layers)

  • Tops (tanks, short and long sleeves, dresses)

  • Bottoms (leggings, pants, skirts)

  • Outerwear (hats, gloves, layerable jackets)

  • Bath (toiletries)

  • Household (kitchen, power cords, pillow barrier, mesh laundry bags)

Shoe Covers

These shoe covers keep my luggage and its contents clean.  Lightweight and stretchy, they are so much easier to use than stiff shoe covers.  Their thin material takes up minimal space and I double them up for full coverage (after inserting shoe/s, if there is an exposed end, I cover that fully with the second shoe cover).  When it's time for a good cleaning, they’re tossed in the wash with darks. FYI: the first time I washed these their dark color ran, a lot, so I’m careful to toss these in the wash with only the darkest darks.

Organizing Wristlet Bags

I bought these slightly padded wristlets when they were near 50% off and love that they can be carried on their own or tossed into another bag. I usually make sure my organizers are made of thin material, so they don’t add bulk to packing, but these padded wristlets have provided protection. For instance, I use the large wristlet to hold power cords (to protect other items from their sharp ends) and the small wristlet holds my water purifier and spork (protecting the purifier and protecting other items from spork prongs).

Travel Clothes Line | + Bungee

I've loved this clothesline for years.  Because even when I machine wash my clothes, there are items I prefer to hang dry.  Also, to keep the door of my suitcase open, I loop this through a door loop and around the telescoping handle of my suitcase, allowing it to double as a bungee. Happiness.

Organic Zippered Pillow Barrier | + Laundry Bag

Ever since I once encountered badly stained pillows (and cases too thin to act as a safe barrier), I’ve been carrying this thick, organic, king-size pillow barrier. Its king size helps ensure just about any dubious bed pillow can fit inside and be zip sealed away. Or, if missing a pillow, one can stuff clothing inside this to act as a pillow. In addition, this cover can also double as a zippered laundry bag.