GLUTEN-FREE resources:

I hesitated at creating a gluten-free resource page, even though I have celiac disease and other autoimmune challenges.  I know.  I just didn't want to burden anyone who might tire of seeing gluten-free one more time.  But due to the silent harm gluten can cause celiacs, and how hard it can be to navigate while traveling, it's important to grow and share such support.

I spent my lifetime with gastrointestinal, allergic, anaphylactic, autoimmune, neurological, and more lovely health challenges, before I was finally sent in for an upper endoscopy.  Funny, I didn't really believe this test necessary, though, as five years earlier I'd already cut gluten from my diet.  Or so I thought.

The gastroenterologist said he could see from my endoscopy that I had celiac disease, I was still getting gluten into my body, I needed to figure out where it was coming from, and it needed to stop.  This is my reminder—and I want to learn more from you.  XO





Beyond Celiac




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