After years of allergic, anaphylactic, gastrointestinal, neurological, and more lovely health/autoimmune challenges, I was sent in for tests, one of which was an upper endoscopy biopsy (celiac test).  I didn't believe it necessary, though, as five years earlier I'd already cut gluten from my diet.  Or so I thought.  But the gastroenterologist saw that I had celiac disease (along with lymphocytic colitis), I was somehow still getting gluten into my body, I needed to figure out where it was coming from, and it needed to stop. Here are some of the resources that help us take this gluten-free journey:


Medical Care:

Beth Israel Celiac Center

Harvard Celiac Research Program

Mass General Celiac Research + Treatment

U of Chicago Celiac Disease Center

NCBI Celiac Research


Most health food cafes and veg restaurants have gluten-free options.  But if it's not listed, we still ask, as unmarked options are often available for celiacs.


Support Orgs:

International Support Groups

Associations Around the World

Support Communities

Smart Patients


If gluten has been cut from the diet, but one is still having reactions, it might be from kissing. That’s what we discovered. As soon as he went GF, all was well.


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