ECO bath kit:

After spending years testing eco products, it’s incredible to pack superb (plant-based, biodegradable, reusable, gluten-free) bath products in my eco bath kit (toiletry bag). Not only does this save me precious time and money on the road (I don’t have to search for similar hard to find items upon landing), but it also helps eliminate single-use travel plastics. I hope these help others have some adventurous fun with packing sustainable items in their bath kit, too! XO

Shampoo Bar | + Face, Body, and Shaving Bar

Of all the shampoo bars I've tried, this has been the most exquisite…

  • I lather up (a little bit lathers easily) and massage it in

  • I comb out any tangles (starting from the ends), using my fingers

  • I then rinse really well (massaging my fingers everywhere on the scalp)

  • afterward, my hair feels soft and luscious, with no need for conditioner

  • when I shave my legs with it, I don’t later feel itchy from shaving

  • it has no GMOs, palm, or parabens

  • one bar equals 20 liquid oz.

Travel Soap Dish | + Removable Tray

This travel soap dish helps protect my shampoo bar and bag from…

  • moisture (which dissolves shampoo bars)

  • creating a mess (this container securely seals in transit)

(It’s just big enough to fit my shampoo bar.)

Wash Gloves | Recycled

This is my must have, because it's nearly impossible to travel with a terry washcloth or a bulky dry brush.  These gloves dry quickly, can be machine washed to help keep them sanitary, and they tackle three jobs:

  • pre-shower dry-brush

  • gentle facial exfoliator

  • body washcloth

Travel Towel | Bamboo

I adore this towel because…

  • it takes up very little room

  • is easy to hold/fold/roll

  • it feels soft and luxurious

  • it’s intended to wrap/dry the hair

  • yet it also works just fine to dry the body

  • it dries itself at about the same speed as my past travel towels

  • (but it feels like luxury, unlike my past travel towels)

  • I never again have to wrangle lots of towel


Dental Floss | Organic Bamboo + Activated Charcoal

I love this floss because…

  • of its sumptuous thick feel, as it pulls between teeth

  • (it makes me want to floss, just for that feeling, and I hate to floss)

  • it comes in a tiny, refillable, glass jar

  • it comes with two refills

  • it’s made from organic bamboo

  • it includes organic tea tree oil

  • it includes organic peppermint oil

  • it’s 100 % biodegradable (breaks down in ~ 60-90 days)

  • (no more plastic containers!)

Toothbrush | Natural Bamboo + Charcoal

I’ve used several brands of bamboo toothbrushes and really appreciate that they exist. This one…

  • is thicker

  • has soft bristles (hard to find!)

  • is BPA free

  • comes in ZERO-WASTE PACKAGING (recyclable paper)

  • (no more plastic handles on toothbrushes!)

Toothpaste | Uncle Harry’s Children’s (works for adults, too)

I can’t say enough about what I’ve experienced so far with this product:

  • a little goes a long way (I just gently swipe my brush against it)

  • super smooth teeth (as if the dentist just cleaned them)

  • much cleaner teeth each morning (less film on them)

  • teeth have appeared whiter (fairly quickly)

  • I love the Children’s flavor, as it’s the mildest

  • this reusable glass jar meets TSA 311 liquids rule

  • one can buy a larger jar to refill the small glass jar

  • it’s GF, glycerin free, fluoride free, and vegan

  • BONUS: no sharp edges to poke/rip other items in the suitcase

  • (just be sure to rinse it out of the sink, as it can leave splatter)

NOTE: I considered using toothpaste tablets, which are so popular right now, but I prefer using products with ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible (less manufacturing/preservatives), so this fits the bill.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Cleansing Pads | Soothes/Clears Rosacea

These cleansing pads…

  • keep my face squeaky clean and clear (which is so helpful when in need of freshening up while in transit)

  • keep rosacea away (no more expensive meds needed!)

  • can compact down (while using medical gloves, I carefully squish a jar and a half of these pads into one jar)

  • FYI: it appears that Trader Joe’s carries this same product, cheaper, under another label (so if you are near a Trader Joe’s…!)

Natural Deodorant | Like Frosting

I've tried most natural deodorants and this has been the most exceptional:

  • it goes on so smooth, like frosting (unless it’s cold, at which time I briefly warm it on my fingers)

  • it’s long-lasting (24+ hours)

  • it comes in a compact reusable glass jar (meets TSA 311 liquids rule)

  • Coconut Lime is my absolute favorite (it smells delicious)

  • Lavender was very nice, too

  • for some reason, Lemongrass didn’t smell good on me (but that’s just me)

  • I absolutely love love love this stuff

Zipper Sacks | Small, Thin

These are the smallest/thinnest Zipper Sacks I’ve been able to find. Without adding bulk to my bag, they allow me to organize the insides of everything, sort items by use (by colored bag, to know what’s where), and toss each Zipper Sack anywhere I need it. In my bath bag, I use them for…

Tiny Hair Dryer | Dual Voltage

For the first time in 15+ years, I've had to embrace using a hair dryer, due to…

  • traveling in all seasons

  • having long hair

  • not all lodging provide hair dryers (or that won’t blow my eardrums out)

This tiny dual voltage is the smallest hair dryer I've found and I love it.

Medium Packing Cube | As my bath/toiletry bag

I’m now using this—one of my six matching packing cubes—as my bath bag (I no longer have a toiletry bag that looks different from my packing cubes). This ensures that…

  • all of my packing cubes stack perfectly stable inside my suitcase

  • nothing topples over/falls out when I open it

This cube can carry everything on this page (and then some).

What else is in my bag?



Eco Bath Kit


Tiny Travel Kitchen


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