Affordable Plant-Based Breakfast (Frukost) in Sweden

Affordable Healthy Breakfast (Frukost) in Stockholm, Sweden |

Before heading to Stockholm for a month, all the research I read on current food prices warned that it would be extremely expensive to eat in Stockholm at this time.  However, I actually found it easy to find affordable healthy food in Sweden.

In fact, pictured here is a favorite quick breakfast (frukost) that I’ve loved:  müsli, plant milk, cucumber, and seasonal fruit.


Affordable Healthy Breakfast (Frukost) in Stockholm, Sweden |

Organic.  Pure.  Gluten-free.  It was purer and more affordable than what I've found in North America.


Affordable Healthy Breakfast (Frukost) in Stockholm, Sweden |

And then there are the organic greens.  A quick steam (with some apple cider vinegar) makes them tasty.

So Where Can You Buy Healthy Food, Affordably, in Stockholm?

At Paradiset (paradise!).

Travel TIPs:

  • Paradiset is like Stockholm’s mini Whole Foods, but with more affordable (co-op) pricing on many items.

  • There are a few Paradiset stores in Stockholm, and by some miracle, our Airbnb was right around the corner from one of them (I highly recommend this). Paradiset also delivers!

  • Paradiset also has a deli, with affordable (take-out or eat-in) lunch specials that truly tasted exquisite.

  • In the future, we will be sure to stock up at Paradiset before leaving Stockholm, so we can take some of our favorite (organic, gluten-free, plant-based) products to our next destination (after verifying they’re allowed across the border, in our checked bag), because we can’t find this stuff just anywhere:

    • our favorite müsli

    • nuts (super cheap)

    • pure plant milk (crazy to pack, but yes!)

    • sugar-free lingonberry jam

    • Swedish crackers

    • a miraculous natural face moisturizer

    • a pink natural lipstick