Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige)

Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

I love envisioning the stylish Stockholm, Sweden, fashion scene that we see on the pages of magazines.  During my summer month here, I wanted to track it all down.

After watching Stockholm office workers pedal bikes to and from work in more polished outfits, it was soon clear that practical reality often sets in for the rest of us, no matter where we each live.

Meaning, most people in Stockholm wear clothing that looks exactly like what everyone else is wearing around the world:  a little bit of everything.

Local business owners often wear more casual clothing.  Travelers from other parts of Sweden, and from elsewhere around the world, often wear casual travel and street clothing.  Some locals also wear hats and backpacks as they roam through their own neighborhoods.

So, after browsing the big clothing stores in downtown Stockholm (which really do sell very similar clothing to what we see just about everywhere we go), I knew I must exhaust my search.  So I checked out the shops in Gamla Stan, the very center of where Stockholm was founded.

Here's what I found... 


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

Local boutiques in Gamla Stan sell beautiful cashmere and wool sweaters.  This stunning sweater could pair with just about anything.  (I was so tempted to buy one until I read this and this.  I already own items like this, but I'm trying to be more mindful, so I continued on.)


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

When I saw the Scandinavian Explorer stuffable vests, jackets and coats, I wanted their yellow jacket so badly—even though I already own a nearly new jacket!  (So I made myself read this.  Nej!  Nej!)


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

Fortunately, there are plenty of shops in Gamla Stan that sell clothing, accessories, and household goods made from flax (including organic flax!).  Options!


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

And, for a delightful twist, Ester's boutique has vintage-style clothing that immediately draws one in.  Designed in Sweden and handcrafted in the EU, it has an ethical focus.  Ja!


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

The struggle is real, and so very necessary, this search for (ethical) fashion.

MINDFUL TIP:  I've found the most peaceful time to shop in Stockholm to be in the morning, before the crowds.  Some shops might not open until 10am, but it's still a special time.

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