Fashion in Stockholm

Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

I love envisioning the stylish Stockholm, Sweden, fashion scene that we see on the pages of magazines.  During my summer month here, I wanted to track it all down.

So I trekked through downtown Stockholm to shop the big department stores, like NK Stockholm (above) and Åhléns.  I also snuck into every specialty boutique that I could find along the way.

The more I walked and looked, the more I could see that most people in Stockholm were wearing (and the stores were selling) clothing that looks very similar to what everyone else is wearing around the world:  a little bit of everything.


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

Swedes are just often a bit more polished, even in transport.


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

I also toured the clothing boutiques in Gamla Stan, the very center of where Stockholm was founded.  This is where one can find more locally created products, like beautiful sweaters.


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

As well as Scandinavian Explorer's stuffable vests, jackets, and coats.


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

Fortunately, there are also shops in Gamla Stan that sell clothing, accessories, and household goods made from flax (including organic flax).  Vegan and ethical options!


Fashion in Stockholm, Sweden (Sverige) |

And, for an adorable twist, Ester's boutique has vintage-style clothing that immediately draws one in.  Designed in Sweden and handcrafted in the EU, it also has an ethical focus.  Ja!


Travel TIPS:

  • I've found the most peaceful time to shop in Stockholm to be in the morning (no crowds).

  • Some shops might not open until 10 am (and that's still okay, crowd-wise).

  • Free bathrooms are often found in coffee shops/cafes, which are plentiful near shopping (and the perfect place to enjoy beverages, food, free wi-fi, and local culture).

How has this helped you? If you feel comfy sharing in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts. XO