The Science of Saffron: For Alzheimer’s, Good Mood, Stress Hormones, and PMS

The Science of Saffron:  For Alzheimer’s, Good Mood, Stress Hormones, and PMS |

Seven Saffron Filaments

Carrying a tiny jar of saffron with me as I roam, I'm trying to place seven saffron filaments in a cup of water, twice a day.  It's delicious.  And it's kind of fun.

The orange saffron filaments turn the water (and tongue) a vibrant yellow.  The little filaments soften and I munch on them (turning the tongue orange).


For Alzheimer's

Since mild to moderate and moderate to severe Alzheimer's has become more common, this research has me wise to the idea of taking a little saffron each day as a possible preventive step.


For Good Mood

With depression so common, and with just normal daily life impacting our moods, this research has me wanting a little saffron in my day so I can try to reap maximum happiness.


For Stress Hormones

Since stress is so common, which can happen most unexpectedly, this research makes me wonder why I didn't think to gift my stress hormones saffron much sooner.



Last, and certainly not least, with mild to severe PMS a reality for so many females, research shares even more reasons why people enjoy a little saffron each day.

How has this helped you? If you feel comfy sharing in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts. XO