The Patagonia Outlet Store in Dillon, Montana

Traveling to the Patagonia Outlet Store in Dillon, Montana |

Aftering spending winter in Sun Valley, Idaho, it was time to travel through Montana

And who travels through Montana without stopping by the Patagonia Outlet store in Dillon, Montana?  I was almost that person.  I didn't want to stop.

I just assumed that the Patagonia Outlet store would be a similar experience to what one experiences at any Patagonia store.  But I was so wrong.


The Patagonia Outlet Store was huge, beautiful, and filled with an amazing array of items.

Many of the products were attractive items I'd never seen before. The employees were so kind. And the prices were unbelievable.

(You can read more, here, about why this store is so special, including how in the world it ended up in Dillon, Montana, in the first place.)

I found the most adorable travel dress for an even sweeter price.  It wasn't a third off the retail price.  It was a third of the retail price (and there was nothing wrong with it!).

Patagonia Travel Dress |

Patagonia Travel Dress |


I didn't want to leave.

Next time I'm in Montana, this is where I'll be.

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