Finding Gratitude in Difficult Moments, While Traveling

Along with All the Joy that Travel Brings, Difficult Things Can Happen, Too

In fact, while traveling, even normal things can feel difficult at times.

When experiencing difficulties, one can feel helpless, lonely, as if they're not deserving of goodness, or as if life is too hard to figure out.


One Can Also Feel as if They Don't Want to Burden Others with their Difficulties

This is when we can turn inward, go quiet, be alone, and attempt to solve everything all on our own.  Exactly when we need (and deserve) support the most.

Because everyone deserves support—especially in the difficult moments.



And Everyone Has Difficult Moments

Without support, one can accidentally draw extreme sweeping conclusions, doom themselves to following old patterns, or self-sabotage.  Completely unknowingly.


This is Where Gratitude Enters

In my darkest moments, if I remember to first look for one tiny shred of gratitude, for anything, I soon find a whole lot of gratitude for many things.  My focus changes.  My brain changes. 

And I'm good to proceed (and handle that difficulty).

I hope you adore this TED talk on gratitude as much as I do, by Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar.

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