Quickly Replenishing Antioxidants While Traveling

Quickly Replenishing Antioxidants While Traveling | OMventure.com


A Medical Doctor to the Rescue

Like many travelers, there are times when I sometimes forget to eat and drink when I should, and times when healthy meals are delayed.

When this happens, I'm not consistently consuming enough of the daily antioxidants that my body needs.

So how do I quickly replenish antioxidants while traveling?

Thanks to Dr. Greger at NutritionFacts.org, we can see some of the healthiest ways to solve such issues, utilizing the latest science from around the world.


Matcha Tea, Hibiscus Tea, and Fresh Organic Ginger

Dr. Greger, and the research at NutritionFacts.org, helped me see that I would be wise to regularly consume matcha tea, hibiscus tea, and fresh organic ginger.

So each morning I heat water in my 32 ounce travel cup/bowl, whisk in matcha tea, drop in one bag of hibiscus tea, and add a chunk of fresh organic ginger.  That's it.

Not only are they easy and fun ingredients to play with, they're beautiful.


The Magic is Preparing Just One Bowl of Tea Per Day

By preparing this one bowl of tea per day, I've eliminated the need to prepare multiple mugs of tea per day.

And this big bowl of tea is always sitting there, ready for me to sip, throughout the entire day.

If I'm heading out and about, I can bring some tea in a water bottle.

No more thinking.  No more preparing.  Just enjoying.


And it Tastes Tastier Than Any Tea I've Ever Tasted

The cherry on top:  this combination...of truly delicious antioxidants...needs no sweetener.

I just need to make sure I swish with water after drinking it, to maintain healthy tooth enamel.

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