The Best Travel Bath Kit (Is So Much More)

Travelon Signature Convertible Backpack |

I remember the very first official travel bath kit (aka toiletry bag) I ever received.  I was hoping it would solve every travel bath kit need imaginable.  But fairly soon, I discovered...

—a hook doesn't always have a convenient place to hang

—velcro doesn't always stick

—narrow bags don't always remain upright (and can flop down, onto public bathroom floors)

—travel size products don't last (me) long

—it can be time-consuming to track down natural/gluten-free bath product refills

—I really like everything organized, upright, and steady at my fingertips

This last year I searched for months, yet found no official travel bath kit that would eliminate these issues.  Giving up on that search, I instead moved along to search for the next item on my list—an anti-theft day bag.

When I found the Travelon Signature Convertible Backpack, I realized that this anti-theft day bag just might also make the perfect travel bath kit (aka toiletry bag).  And has it.

Now, when I hike off to shower (near or far), this compact bag...

—can be carried as a backpack, crossbody, or purse (I fancy it as a little backpack, so it's out of the way)

—sits upright wherever I place it (nothing flops down, onto public bathroom floors)

—keeps all my bath products organized, upright, and steady (no more chaos, less spillage)

—fits all my regular-sized toiletries (less time spent searching for/replacing items)

—fits my travel bath gloves (all three pair!)

—fits my travel towel

—fits a small change of clean clothing

—fits (and protects) my cell phone

—fits a packable bag (to carry my dirty laundry back from the shower)

And not only does this make a cute travel bath bag (albeit a tad thicker/heavier than others), but when I want to dress up, this bag is emptied (of its bath contents) so it can become my dressy travel dinner bag.  I know.

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