The Well-Deserved Luxury: A Bamboo Travel Towel

A Bamboo Travel Towel |

When traveling at any given time, for any length of time, I like to keep things as easy as possible.  But this isn't always easy for me to do!  So finding simple solutions to daily challenges makes me, oh, so happy.

For instance, I've had fun trying an assortment of travel towels over the years.  While I've yet to find an organic travel towel that meets the criteria below, I have found a well-deserved luxury:  an all-in-one bamboo towel that's...


—easy to hold/fold/roll

—easy to wrap/dry the hair (it was made for this)

—easy (and more than sufficient) to dry the body

—equipped with a loop, from which to hang it (and where one secures it, if one wraps it around the head)

—soft and exquisite!

Meaning, it goes against travel towel thinking, as travel towels are often thin or felt-like microfiber that can be uncomfortable to handle—and do not necessarily dry as quickly as claimed.

However, I've found that this bamboo towel dries at about the same speed as my past travel towels—and it feels like pure luxury (everyone deserves at least one luxurious item on the road!).

Shout-out to men:  This bamboo towel is marketed toward women—but it comes in white, almond and black—and it seems like anyone would enjoy...

—placing it over their head to quickly hand-dry their hair

—placing their hand inside the hood, to hold the towel and dry the body

—grabbing each end, to dry the back

—never again having to wrangle lots of towel (or drop half a towel on unsanitary public shower floors)

—easy air drying

This is one of my favorite travel items.  I use it each time I shower, no matter where I am.  Then I air dry it.  It is my only towel.  And it makes me smile.  =)

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