Gentle Travel Shower and Bath Gloves

Gentle Travel Shower and Bath Gloves |

It's so amazing when we find a simple solution to an important need.  Or three.

When I traveled to an earthy and remote Arizona clinic, I was told by the medical doctor that one should exfoliate all of their skin, regularly, while the skin was dry.  But I knew I'd never tote around a large dry-skin brush.

When I downsized my life to three bags, I also needed to find a way to carry—and keep dry/clean—a travel wash cloth (which can be really hard to do on the road).

And as those with peripheral neuropathy (from Celiac disease?) likely understand, taking a shower can feel exhausting.  Peripheral neuropathy can make the body feel heavier and more difficult to move.  It can make it harder to grip things.

I searched for natural/organic products that might meet all these needs, but I didn't find a solution.  So when I happened upon these Eco Tools Recycled Bath and Shower Gloves, I was so happy to see that they could be...

—a dry-skin brush before showering

—a washcloth while showering

—air dried until laundry day, then...

—tossed into a washer to be sanitized

I also tested other brands.  But ouch!  Those other brands actually felt sharp on the skin—even after being moistened—they felt like sharp, jagged, edges.

Remembering my days of (unscientific) finishing school lessons, I was pretty sure only round edges were supposed to be used for gentle exfoliation, so as to not damage the skin.

So I stocked up and bought three pairs, to ensure I always have a clean set to use.  They have lasted forever.  I can't wait to show you where I carry them.

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