Practically Free Plant-Based Dinners

How We're Eating Practically Free Plant-Based Dinners |

Thanks to a fantastic opportunity, a certain someone is working for a major corporation right now, while we spend months in a mountain ski town.  Unbeknownst to us, this job came with a meal benefit.


Food is Served to Employees at a Discounted Rates

There are multiple company restaurants (open to the public) at which employees can choose to eat.  At most of these restaurants, though, the discount is applied to expensive resort rates.  This means meals can still be expensive ($18 for a hot sandwich), after the discount.


We Found a Hidden Secret

We accidentally stumbled upon one tiny little employee-only (not open to the public) cafe, where the prices/discounts are so unbelievable that the food is practically free.

We realize some people might be embarrassed to eat at such a cafe.  They might worry that it appears as if they cannot afford to buy their own food.

However, I'm a firm believer that no matter how much or how little money one has, there's no sense in wasting it.

And if an employer offers this as part of the employee benefits package, employees absolutely deserve this benefit.


The Very First Meal

How We're Eating Practically Free Plant-Based Dinners |

Truth be told, we initially didn't think it would be healthy to eat at this discounted cafe.  We assumed the food would be mostly meat, mostly deep-fried, or mostly filled with gluten.

We were wrong.

Above you can see the very first meal.  Plates of hearty veggies for less than $2.  We kid you not.  Add another plate full of salad bar, plus fruit, and it's right about $3.  Total.

Is this a perfect example of a 100% plant-based meal?  No.  I can see oil at times.  Napkins can help blot it away.

But because I eat so plant-based most of the time, to me, this is a plan B on the road.


This Has Generated Gratitude and Joy

We are so grateful to see a major corporation care enough about their employees to offer affordable meals that are healthier.

This has made meals feel like little adventures of joy. It is so exciting to see what will be served up each day.  It is so much fun, witnessing these treats.

( makes one look forward to helping these corporations take the next step of leaving out those few ingredients that we know are not necessary.)

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