Finding Familiar Comfort, On the Road (aka Bypassing Loneliness)

Finding Familiar Comfort On the Road to Help Bypass Loneliness |

Last week, after arriving at a MOUNTAIN ski town for a THREE-MONTH stay...

I knew I should find some familiar comfort—something that would remind me of home.  Because when I excitedly arrive at a new destination, I can surprisingly feel a little lost or sad, however briefly.

This can be a fleeting thought—an awareness that a familiar home is not around me.  Or this can feel like temporary grief/loss and as if I'm all alone in the world, even though I'm clearly not.  Or this can feel temporarily deep—similar to what one might feel when experiencing the loss of a relationship.

Even though I LOVE to travel...!

Even though I seriously have no desire (whatsoever) to remain at home.  Even though I'm thrilled to skip a dark/drizzly winter (at home).  Even though I know this trip is absolutely the right thing to do.


One of the very first things we did upon arrival was head to a major (very familiar) coffee chain.  And I don't drink coffee.  But we smiled, ordered toasty beverages, and we bought ourselves a new little treat, which was delicious.

The visual familiarity of that major coffee chain felt comforting.  I recognized it from home.  I wasn't alone.

It also kept me in the moment.  Which helped propel me into feeling gratitude for all that was ahead.

And then we sought it.

This is the first time I've used BIG GIRL WORDS to share this internal experience.

In fact, a certain someone had no idea I was feeling any of this at the time (or that this was common for me), yet his habit (seeking coffee) was the perfect antidote.

What a special reminder this has been for me to share what's happening within, and how valuable it is when we support one another through all.