Familiar Comfort On the Road

Finding Familiar Comfort On the Road to Help Bypass Loneliness | OMventure.com

After Arriving at a Mountain Ski Town for a Three-Month Stay

I needed some familiar comfort—something that would remind me of home.  Because when I arrive at a new destination, I can surprisingly feel a little lost or sad, however briefly.

This can be a fleeting thought—an awareness that a familiar home is not around me.  Or this can feel like temporary grief/loss and as if one is all alone in the world, even though I'm clearly not.

Even Though I Love to Travel

Even though I seriously have no desire (whatsoever) to remain in one home.  Even though I know this trip is absolutely the right thing to do.

We Were Happily Surprised

So one of the very first things we did upon arrival was head to a major (familiar) coffee chain.  And I don't drink coffee. But we smiled, ordered toasty beverages, and a little treat.

The visual familiarity of that major coffee chain felt comforting.  We recognized it from home.  I wasn't alone.

This experience soothed me with something familiar, while we headed into the exciting unknown.