Plant-Based Breakfast on the Go (When You Have No Kitchen)

The Easiest Plant-Based Breakfast on the Go, When Your Airbnb has No Kitchen |

After leaving at 4am for a 12 hour drive and stopping at Whole Foods to stock up for an Airbnb that has no kitchen, these plant-based on the go breakfast options have proven perfect.

So Far, the Food Has Been Safe from Dogs and Wildlife

Since there is no kitchen in the Airbnb, there is no refrigeration.  So just outside the back door (in freezing temperatures), we stored this food in a lidded bin.

Plant Milk Over Cold Cereal

Plant milk over cold cereal, topped with frozen fruit, and even nuts and seeds can be added.  So easy.

Hot Water Over Gluten-Free Oats

Instant cereals have come a long way.  After filling the little mini coffee maker with water, in less than 3 minutes, presto.  One can also dress this meal up with fruit, nuts and seeds.  Super economical.  Warm on the belly.

How to Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds?

Prepare the two cereals above (cold and hot cereals), then combine them into one large bowl for a filling meal.

Gluten-Free Toast Topped with Nut Butter and Fruit

We also added gluten-free toast with organic cashew butter and sliced bananas to our morning (so it's missing from the photo).  We just had to buy a little $15.99 toaster at the local drug store first.

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