Red Robin's Gluten-Free Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

Red Robin's Gluten-Free Veggie Burger |

We recently found out that we had about a week to prepare for a three-month trip.  So we rushed out to finish up Christmas shopping.

Then we found ourselves starving.  So we rushed to see if the closest restaurant—Red Robin (where we have not eaten for years!)—served gluten-free veggie food nowadays.

Not only did they have gluten-free veggie food, but they also had a dedicated fryer.  Which meant one could actually order fries and not have to worry about cross-contamination.

(Okay, so this is not the healthiest version of plant-based food.  But when the waitress said they had a dedicated fryer, I totally forgot that I could order a salad instead of fries, and I ordered the fries.  Apparently, I just had to test this out.)

As you can see in the photo above, after I removed the cheese from the veggie burger, it looked a little sad.  Or maybe it was due to the (artificial-looking) gluten-free bun?

These things happen.  Few people order gluten-free buns, compared to the masses, so I understand why a business might not invest in a more glamorous bun.

Regardless, this gluten-free veggie burger tasted delicious!  Maybe this was because I was starving?  Or maybe not!  Between the avocado, the greens, and the salsa-like sauce, the flavors came together really well (and I'm not one to like salsa on my veggie burger, so something was really nice here).

Red Robin's Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Fries |

The kind waitress actually suggested that I not order the sweet potato fries.  She said the house fries tasted much better.

But since sweet potatoes are so healthy for us, I wanted to test them out.  And she was right, right, right.

The sweet potato fries were definitely lacking something.  I'm not sure what.  They didn't taste sweet.  They didn't taste flavorful.  So just a head's up that a salad would have tasted (and been) much better to eat!

But it is so refreshing to see a restaurant like Red Robin really try to meet the needs that people have today.  Like the need to eat healthier.

So, with deep gratitude, here's to encouraging healthier plant-based and gluten-free options...out there on the road!

What do you need the most? If you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to know. XO