The Incomparable Grilled Brusselini at fresh&co

fresh&co's Grilled Brusselini |

While walking around New York City, we saw several fresh&co eateries.  We passed them up.  Because we had no idea their website said...

"founded in 2010, fresh&co is a destination for chef-inspired organic seasonal food. with locations throughout new york, we pride ourselves on offering an array of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu options to satisfy every taste bud. from chef-designed salads and homemade soups, to sandwiches, market fresh bowls and cold-pressed juices, fresh&co is the go-to spot for hungry new yorkers who want a healthy meal—fast."

fresh&co in NYC |

Thank goodness we were finally drawn in by my toes needing a little rest, hunger, and what appeared to be a delicious plant-based meal, on a poster, in the window.

Upon entering, it was true—there were veggie options on their menu!

There was also a gluten-free sandwich:  The Brusselini

fresh&co's Iced Green Tea, Grilled Brusselini, and Raw Vegan Date Nut Bar |

One might naturally hesitate at eating brussel sprouts, let alone eating brussel sprouts on a sandwich.  And one might be too embarrassed to ask for no cheese and dijon, please.

But.  Let.  Me.  Tell.  You.  It was warm, and rich, and dreamy.

The caramelized onions were heaven, holding the brussel sprouts and the Granny Smith apples onto the gluten-free bread.  I ate one for lunch.  I ate one for dinner.  A couple of times.

I even ordered an extra, to take back to the hotel, to eat for breakfast the morning we flew out.  Cold.

It was truly divine.  Every time.

(Little eco note:  It might make sense, economically and ecologically, for gluten-free food to be made vegan as well.  One item meeting the needs of multiple specialty markets.  It would also be amazing if disposable containers were paper...I feel so guilty when I forget a reusable container and am handed plastic. =)