Staying at the Delightful DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West

DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West King Bedroom |

Sometimes, when trying to get my bearings in a new location, I feel impossibly lost.  That's how I felt when heading to New York City.

Recovering from a shoulder injury, with medical appointments throughout each week, it's been challenging (painful) to do things lately.  Much of the time I just want to cry.

So when my medical clinic had to postpone my appointments for a few days, I thought I should spend those few days distracting myself from pain, by attending the Mindfulness in America Summit.  (I could use my Pacsafe Vibe 325 as a shoulder sling!)

Yet as we were about to leave on this trip, it appeared I'd consumed either bad food or bad water.  (Was it because I'd not been using my water filter lately?)  I pondered what to do.

I decided that even if I had to spend the entire time in the hotel room, feeling nauseous, I was going to NYC.  Because my sweetie pie could still have a great time photographing the city, attending Jewel's concert, and scoping out the mindfulness event.  And I could enjoy hearing about it.

DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West Bathroom |

He slept great on the flight.  I spent the flight noticing my probiotics weren't helping my upset stomach, so I drank Pepto-Bismol while fantasizing about hard core pain pills (which I'm trying to avoid).

After landing, we did something I've never really done at an airport.  We intentionally paused.  Before heading out for the day.  To freshen up after the red-eye.  To change into clothes that matched the warmer (80+ degree weather!).  To eat veggie sushi (gentle on the tummy) for breakfast.  It was exhilarating.

At the airport we also easily found the NYC Airporter desk.  They were well organized and had us wait a few minutes for their (affordable and direct) bus to NYC.  When it arrived, they led us outside to our exact bus and we hopped on.

After arriving in the city, we were dropped off at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which was the building directly across the street from our hotel—the DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West.  Only I didn't know it.

So I had us wandering all over the place, out on the streets, trying to find our hotel, when we could have instead just walked straight through the bus terminal, out its back door, across the street, right into the hotel entrance.  Oops.

At the time of booking, I chose this hotel because it was $400 cheaper than any other hotel nearby, located where I couldn't find any Airbnb accommodations.

Compact, yet well appointed, the DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West was true to its marketing claims.  The lobby, elevators, stairs, rooms, and the restaurant/lounge were all modern, well-kept and truly clean in appearance.  The rooftop lounge was beautiful, with 360 degree views.

The staff were superb.  Kind.  Welcoming.  Thoughtful.  Eager to help.

Our king bedroom was tiny and cozy (perfect!), with a little loveseat I adored.  Our window faced a brick building that appeared to house artist lofts, full of character.  And we never heard a sound from the outside.  Not a peep.  Not a garbage truck in the middle of the night.  Not a honking auto.  Not a thing.  This was an unbelievable first, for me, in New York City.

Another great note:  I loved that the comforter on the bed appeared to be wrapped in a fresh clean linen (aka a fresh clean comforter cover).  This is one of my favorite European habits, which creates a much cleaner experience for each new guest.

DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West Rooftop Lounge |

I requested no room service for our entire stay.  This is because I really enjoy having my things kept as I leave them, I reuse my towel, and it seems like an unnecessary burden on another to have them clean up after me each day.  I can do that myself.

Fun note:  This was the very first time my "no room service" request has been eagerly received and followed.  I kept expecting to hear knocks on the door (to come in and clean), or that I'd arrive back at the room each day to discover room service had stopped by anyway.  Yet it never happened!

I cannot begin to express how amazing it was to experience alone time in a hotel room, exactly as I love to enjoy it.  Undisturbed.  Bliss.

During our stay, the lobby was quite busy, yet for its small size, it didn't feel cramped.  A fresh drinking water tap was available near the elevators at all times and I loved the lobby's well-placed automatic doors.

I read, ahead of time, quite a few online reviews mentioning the speed of this hotel's elevators.  Or lack thereof.  However, we didn't find them tortuously slow.  It allowed us a moment, or three, to pause.  To be.  And to take the stairs if we wanted to rush (great exercise).  This would never deter me from staying here (but those who have lower mobility challenges should know this).

The location was terrific.  Nestled one block back from a busier street, the hotel enjoyed a slightly quieter pace.  Whole Foods (for breakfast, snacks, and an eco umbrella) was a simple straight walk away.  The hotel made it easy for us to walk to Times Square, to our just about anywhere.

Oh, and there was a clean side of the street and a dirty side of the street, outside the hotel.  The clean side is nice!

So as much as I struggle to navigate my way when in unfamiliar territory, the DoubleTree Hilton by New York Times Square West helped make this journey a delight.