Thai Thani Kitchen Delivers in Seattle

Thai Thani Kitchen | Seattle, WA

It was time to head to the Seattle area for a while.  When there, I often stay in a little home with a tiny kitchen, so it can be nice to imbibe in healthy take-out at times.

Upon calling my two favorite Thai restaurants, I discovered they were not set up to take phone payment or provide delivery.  So I kept calling other restaurants and found that Thai Thani Kitchen will accept payment and deliver through GrubHub.

I wasn't sure how legit GrubHub was, and I try to avoid signing up for any service I don't absolutely need, so I was a little hesitant.  But I was even hungrier.

I'm so glad I tried this method of food delivery.  GrubHub communication was clear and delivery was great—and they only charged a very small delivery fee.

The food tasted great and the restaurant's prices were also super reasonable.  Everyone's effort was appreciated!  In fact, this has me so curious about food delivery services now, I look forward to trying out even more of them.

P.S.  I have to add a special shout-out to a terrific GrubHub delivery driver who was so kind, concerned about professionalism, and so appreciative of the tip (already included in the initial transaction).  What a special thing, having an opportunity to support one another!

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