Finding the Positive When I Can't Divulge the Location of this Veggie Burger!

Gluten-Free Veggie Burger |

I headed to an island located off the coast of Washington state, where it's been surprisingly challenging to find gluten-free and plant-based meals, so I didn't expect to eat out.  And that's okay.

However, I couldn't help but pop into a restaurant to view a menu out of curiosity...and was pleasantly surprised to find this gluten-free veggie burger on a gluten-free bun!  Of course, ignore the fries, as it was supposed to be a green salad (I don't worry if something goes awry with an order...I'm just grateful I can eat at least one thing on the plate).

Lucky me, this veggie burger was so good, I went back to this establishment repeatedly.  Even though, after the first few visits, the burger began humorously showing up without its bits (pickles, onions, and tomato).  This might be because many restaurants often make veggie burgers a tad differently than regular burgers.

I reasoned that the staff could be new/not realize this veggie burger was to be served more like a regular burger.  So I just started asking for the bits on the side, and offered to pay for them.

Here's the difficult part:  I also began witnessing the restaurant employees direct inappropriate behavior toward multiple customers.  On more than one visit.

I felt a bit anxious and concerned.  Experiences like this can take a lot out of people (not just $15 for a veggie burger).

To make sure I was seeing things clearly, I went online to read restaurant reviews and see if others had witnessed such behavior, too.  Multiple reviewers had.

Finding the Positive, When Things Go Awry |

So how can I focus on the positive when situations like this occur?  Especially when I loved the view from this restaurant and veggie burger so much?  While realizing I cannot direct others there?  It's not always easy, but I'm trying to remember the following...

—I'm grateful I was able to enjoy that beautiful view.

—How wonderful to discover such a tasty gluten-free veggie burger.

—I'm seriously grateful I witnessed what I witnessed, so I know to carefully steer myself (and others) in a healthier direction (aka elsewhere).

Has this been helpful? If you feel comfortable commenting below, I would love to know your thoughts. XO