10 Reasons to Seek Out Organic Cafes—Like Chaco Canyon in Seattle

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe in Seattle, WA | OMventure.com

Spending extended time in Seattle right now has me discovering organic cafes—like Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe.  What a treasure!

So many of us automatically buy organic food at the market.  Yet when we want to eat out at a restaurant, it's so rare that we have the opportunity to choose organic...that we often forget to seek out organic restaurants altogether.

But why bother eating organic?

I saw a prime-time television news magazine show featuring organic food, years ago.  The reporter challenged an organic food industry representative to prove, on the spot, that organic food was healthier than conventionally grown food.  The reporter appeared to be attempting a gotcha, so he could conclude organic food was hogwash.  My heart sank.

My heart sank because at that time I didn't have the latest science to reference.  And neither, it appeared, did that representative from the organic food industry.

After reading the latest science (thanks to NutritionFacts.org, linked above and below), here's my understanding of why I should remember to seek out organic:

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe in Seattle, WA | OMventure.com

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