Nattamit in Old Town Silverdale

Nattamit in Old Town Silverdale |

Continuing my travels, I decided to spend three months in a location I'd not visited for 35 years.

I had fond memories of driving through this (once small) town for late-night ferry rides. As a child, I’d snuggle into the back window of our old Volvo and gaze up at the glittering stars in the dark blue sky.

This trip, I wanted to study under a particular professor who taught there.

But when I shared my travel plans with others, they voiced concerns.

I wasn’t too worried about their warnings (not my best travel safety moment), because no place is really entirely safe. I was bad could little old Bremerton, WA have become?

Preferring a short commute, I moved forward with renting a furnished student apartment near class, sight unseen.

Operated by the college, I assumed it might be the wisest choice.

After moving in, sirens roared by at all hours (and multiple times during any phone call). With humor, I just had to keep apologizing to callers on the other end of the line.

Nattamit in Old Town Silverdale |

Then, while pulling into my parking spot in the evening, a security guard greeted me and advised me to not be out alone (grocery shopping).

To make sure I understood the gravity of the situation, he pointed out that the surrounding homes were meth houses.

I would never have imagined such things were now being manufactured in the surrounding little old (vintage) homes.

The security guard then walked down our row of apartments and rattled each doorknob, to make sure residents were locked in for the night.

I was already moved in. Classes had already started. How was I was going to ride this out?

Thank goodness I could escape to nearby Silverdale.

For food. For shopping

It was quite nice.  Even REI was there.

When I found a delicious, adorable, morsel of a restaurant called Nattamit, in Old Town Silverdale, I knew I’d found my safe spot.

It’s where I had my very first taste of black sticky rice pudding. Nothing has matched it since.

And the owner (chef) is so kind, the server so thoughtful, their energy alone is worth the trip.