The Restaurant to Visit in Old Town Silverdale

The Restaurant to Visit in Old Town Silverdale | Old Town Silverdale, WA

Continuing my travels, I decided to spend three months in a place I'd not visited since I was a child—Bremerton, WA.  I wanted to study under a specific professor, and I had fond childhood memories of driving through this city for late-night ferry rides, while snuggled in the back window of our old Volvo, gazing up at the glittering stars in the dark blue sky.

But when I shared my travel plans with others, they voiced concerns.  Bremerton had apparently changed in the last thirty-five years.  But I decided to not worry about the warnings (not my best travel safety moment).  I was bad could little old Bremerton be? 

Preferring a short commute, I rented a furnished apartment near class, sight unseen.  After moving in, I heard sirens at all hours, including multiple times during any phone calls.  I'd apologize to those on the other end of the phone.  I was finding it a bit humorous, my situation.

The Restaurant to Visit in Old Town Silverdale | Old Town Silverdale, WA

Pulling into my parking spot one night, a private security guard greeted me, as he advised me to not be out alone.  Something about the surrounding properties being meth houses.  I had no idea.

Then I watched him walk down the row of apartments, rattling the knob of every front door, to make sure residents were locked in for the night.

So I escaped to Silverdale.  For food, to relax.  It is really very nice.  Even REI is there!

But when I found a delicious, adorable morsel of a restaurant called Nattamit, I knew I'd found my safe spot.  Nestled into a small back garden parking lot in Old Town Silverdale, its hut-like tiny cottage displayed a variety of Thai art, plus cozy seating inside.

I should describe the gluten-free and plant-based menu options—along with my very first taste of black sticky rice pudding—but it was so exquisite, it melted in my mouth.

The owner/chef is so kind, and the server so thoughtful, their energy alone is worth the trip.

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