Sweet Rice on Whidbey Island

Sweet Rice on Whidbey Island | OMventure.com

While preparing to spend three months in Oak Harbor, WA (on Whidbey Island), I knew it might not be easy to find plant-based or gluten-free food, especially at restaurants.

I'd previously driven through this military town, yet I'd only noticed fast food franchises and cocktail lounges whirl by. I was braced for the worst.

But after arriving on island, I was still excited to investigate—to wander around with fresh eyes—to see what kind of healthy food options could be found.

So on a crisp winter day, with beautiful blue skies above, I slowly drove through historic downtown Oak Harbor, as it stretched along the water.

Purple window paint drew my eyes to a sign that said Sweet Rice.

With a name like that, I had to stop in.

As I walked through their door, I heard gentle sounds of a loving family running their restaurant together.

Their genuine kindness, delightful conversation, and interest in showing me their plant-based and gluten-free options did not end.

Their prices were also some of the most affordable I'd seen.

I so enjoyed Sweet Rice. And often.

For lunch.  For dinner.  For tea.

I’d order an extra lunch, to-go, to eat as dinner during night class.

Sweet Rice provided such tasty, kind comfort.

The only difficulty was having to say goodbye.

My heart ached a little, after my three-month stay.

I truly didn’t want to leave them behind.

Sweet Rice on Whidbey Island | OMventure.com

Sweet Rice on Whidbey Island | OMventure.com